Video: Creating Custom Massages in a Massage Chair

We’ve recently published new informational videos for the Alphasonic and Robopad on creating custom massages in a massage chair that you might find helpful.

We often get asked how to control the massage functions to create a “custom” massage using the remote controls of both massage chair models, and these simple videos were recorded to help users quickly learn how to do this.  Importantly the concept behind both videos – and universal to both massage chair models – is the “spot” massage button. By using this button on the remote control you can stop the massage hands at any time, and quickly move them to a very specific muscle or muscle group. Further you can then select a massage style to administer, such as kneading, tapping, Shiatsu, or a combination of massage styles.

The videos have been uploaded to the Elite Massage Chairs YouTube channel, and are also found on the Support pages of either model.  Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel while you are there to be alerted to new informational videos we’ll occasionally post too.

While we were at it, we also created a quick video on how to utilize the Braintronics massage programs in the Alphasonic.





We hope you find these video guides helpful in getting the most out of your Elite massage chair!