Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Massage Chair

So you’ve thought about buying your own massage chair.  Just to reinforce what a GREAT decision this is, here is a quick Top 10 list of the incredible benefits you will received for many years to come.

1. Ease your Back Pain

If you regularly feel aches, pains and fatigue in your back – whether upper and middle back – you are not alone. A whopping 8 out of 10 Americans will experience debilitating back pain sometime during their lifetime. But massage chairs help ease back pain! The benefits of a 20-minute session in a massage chair are about as strong as those reported for other treatments including mediations and acupuncture.

2. Improve your Sleep

Have you ever gotten a massage and fell asleep during your massage? That’s because massage promotes healthy sleep! There have been countless studies about this link, and it has to do with brain waves called delta waves – which are connected to deep sleep. A short session in a massage chair before bedtime will help you achieve better rest, and recover from the stresses from your day.  When you sleep more and better, you achieve a healthier overall well-being.

3. Boost your Immunity

A session in a massage chair can increase your disease-fighting white blood cells. Not to mention and equally as important – the stress-relieving sensations from a great massage chair have direct and important effects on reducing mental and emotional stress, and help keep you healthy.

4. Beat PMS

Ok, this is for you women out there – however for you men, just remember that old saying “a happy wife equals a happy life!” While limited there have been studies that found a massage can alleviate PMS symptoms like bloating and mood swings.

5. Increase your Alertness

Adults who were given just 15-minutes of chair massage in a Touch Research Institute (TRI) study were more alert and completed a series of math problems faster and more accurately. There are also studies that promote the benefits of massage for children and adults with ADD and ADHD.

6. Alleviate your Headaches

Just like your back muscles appreciate the healing benefits of a massage chair, headaches can also be alleviated with massage. Many of our customers have told us how they remove the headrest cover on their Elite Massage Chair and position the massage rollers right at the base of their skull and press the “kneading” button – and tell us that this can alleviate the pain of their migraine headaches. We’ve since told many people about this technique using our chairs.

7. Improved your Circulation

Time in a premium massage chair encourages the lymphatic drainage system. What this means is that it can push toxins away from cells so that the body can break those toxins down and so more nutrients can travel into the cells.

8. Ease cancer treatments

Just reviewing the list of benefits above one can appreciate how a massage chair can help someone with cancer – or living with the treatments for this serious illness. This is one area that has received the insight of lots of studies – and they have shown that massage can relieve fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression and even nausea in cancer patients.

9. Cure your aching Feet

Many massage chairs now incorporate foot and calf massage units – a feature pioneered by Elite Massage Chairs and now emulated by other manufacturers. The benefits of reflexology are well known by the Chinese who understand the direct linkage between healthy feet and a healthy overall body.

10. It just feels good!

A massage chair is like a mini mind vacation, whenever you need it. Time in a massage chair induces a wonderful, serene, meditative state that is so elusive in today’s fast-paced world. Try an Elite chair, and you’ll know exactly what we mean – you deserve this.