What Matters Most When Buying a Massage Chair?

“When you consider what matters most when buying a massage chair, consider that the company you buy that chair from.”


When buying a massage chair, boy oh boy, do you have options – quantity is certainly not a problem.  A quick Google search for “massage chairs” returns a mountain of links, 9.89 million page results to be exact.  Realistically, the quality of the results in in terms of actually finding a credible source from whom to buy a massage chair peters out around page 11.  Still, the bottom line is you have myriad sites from which you might purchase your new massage chair.  So with all these options, the question facing every new buyer is simple:  What matters most when buying a massage chair? 

We’ve written several articles about the key criteria to consider when buying a massage chair, from massage chair attributes, warranty coverage, and other considerations.  However, in this post we are going to focus on why WHO to buy your chair from matters just as much as the actual massage chair you purchase.

Is it “best price?”

Perhaps at this point you’re thinking to yourself, “Hey man, I just want the best deal, and I’ll take the lowest price I can find, whoever is selling it.”

You might get lucky and the lowest price is from a great massage chair resource.  In this case you are a double winner:  You got the massage chair of your dreams at the best price you could find.  However, by only price shopping, you are at grave risk in buying form a source you’ll be sorry for; months or maybe a few years after your purchase.

Certainly we encourage you to do some shopping to find the best deal; you earned that money and deserve the best value.  But aside from simply low price, there are some really important considerations to follow before you press that “buy” button.

These criteria on what matters most when buying a massage chair – in this case, the source – is the outcome of our 15+ years making and selling massage chairs.  We’ve sold thousands of massage chairs – many makes and models – and we’ve realized with certainty there are the critical benchmarks smart shoppers use in making the decision  about WHO to buy their massage chair from.  Tragically, we’ve learned about subpar resellers from people who have called us in crisis, because they realized they had bought their massage chair from the wrong source, for reasons we’ll go into here.

Here is our “massage chair insider” list of what matters most when buying a massage chair, helping you focus on choosing the best source.

  1. They answer the phone.

Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it?  You’d be surprised at how often it is difficult to reach massage chair resellers.  Sure they might have an answering service, and you may get routed to a voicemail to record your message.

But what you want is a business that answers the phone, with a human, and one who is an expert on massage chairs.  We receive countless calls from our customers after hours and on weekends – and of course plenty during

Customer Service agent in an startup office with laptop.

the week.  They regularly tell us how refreshing it is to do business with a company that works so hard to answer the phone (as simple as that sounds).  Our goal is to try and answer every single call, and ensure every customer and potential buyer can talk immediately to one of our team specialists.

Getting quick service or response isn’t just about the initial massage chair purchase.  There is a high likelihood you will call the company later; whether to ask about a chair feature, how to get a certain type of massage, or for tech support.  When you think about who to buy a massage chair from, call them – and be sure they answer the phone.  This simple requirement should be on every shopper’s list when considering what matters most when buying a massage chair.

  1. They provide expert service to help you select the RIGHT massage chair.

Anyone can sell a massage chair.  For years we’ve watched countless new massage chair “stores” or resellers pop up, only to disappear after a few months or few years.  Massage chairs are a demanding business.  Today’s luxury massage chairs are complex mechanical and digital machines, with lots of moving parts and electronics.  Whoever you choose to buy your massage chair from, make sure they are experts in the field, ideally with a decade or more in the business.

Their expertise should be comprehensive in scope.  It’s easy to memorize the spec sheet of various massage chairs; this information is readily available to anyone determined to find it.  But how well do they really know their massage chairs – inside and out – is vital to helping you choose the right option.  Then you should consider if their knowledge extends to all available massage chair options on the market.  How well can they thoughtfully consider you as an individual, and why you are buying a massage chair – and use that insight to help guide you to the right chair?

This level of expertise is all about perspective, wisdom about the technological development of massage chairs over the years, and intimate knowledge about how each massage chair actually feels and responds to various body types and pain points.  You as a buyer will benefit hugely from buying from an expert resource; they will play a key role in ensuring you buy the massage chair that matches your exact needs.

  1. They are obsessive about tech support.

We all hope when buElite Massage Chair Technicianying a massage chair that it won’t break.  First premium luxury massage chairs are a big investment for some.  Secondly a broken massage chair is a 250 lb. ugly recliner, often placed in a high traffic area of your home.  You really want it working all the time, and if something does break, you want it fixed pronto.

Sometimes even the most well-designed and well-manufactured massage chairs can break. It might be something as simple as a drive belt that fell off, or a motor that burns out, or perhaps a lightening strike causes an electrical failure.  That’s when WHO you buy a massage chair from is super important.

Knowing how important this is to our own customers, we rely on a robust software solution to handle our tech support queue, for each and every inbound phone call or email we receive 7 days a week.  By making an investment in our support technology infrastructure, Elite is able to swiftly diagnose issues, alert the field tech team if necessary, and monitor in real-time the progress of every ticket generated when a customer calls our massage chair tech support line.

This obsessiveness about tech support is why we have steadily compiled positive reviews, and referral business that grows every year.  So when you think about who to buy your massage chair from, and what matters most, be sure they are obsessive about tech support.

  1. They have an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating.

This achievement of an A+ BBB rating is not something any company that sells massage chair can just buy – it is earned, through years of dedicated service and issue resolution.bbb-logo-a-plus-rating-196x160

The BBB’s entire reason for being is to create an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.  Their rating is compiled from years of tracking customer responsiveness, periodic complaints, and in the event of complaints the speed and quality of resolution to the customer’s satisfaction.

The BBB rating system is the output of that tracking activity among massage chair resellers; it can be a key indicator for information about a company BEFORE you do business with them, so you as a consumer can make an intelligent buying decision.

When considering who to buy a massage chair from, use their Better Business Bureau rating a means to quickly establish the conditions of trust.  If their rating is not published, or poor – stay away, and save yourself the headaches later.  That rating matters, and should be a consideration in what matters most when buying a massage chair.