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Elite (əˈlēt)
(noun) A select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities.


Today we are proud to announce Elite Massage Chairs will change the massage chair purchase experience to save buyers time, and ensure peace of mind knowing they can focus on the best chairs, from the most reputable manufacturers in the world, in one place.  Start your search for massage chairs here.

Now massage chair buyers have a single source to instantly shop the best massage chairs on the  market at the best prices, hand-picked by experts with over 15 years in the industry. No more sifting through myriad massage chairs, confusing and deceptive feature claims, and inflated prices.  The updated Elite Massage Chair lineup boils an entire category down to the right massage chairs from the get-go:  The Alphasonic from Casada, the Brio from Positive Posture, the EP-MA73 from Panasonic, and the DreamWave from Inada.

Anyone shopping for a massage chair knows it can be confusing; countless brands, models, features, and price differences.  Unfortunately too, there is a lot of deception.  Growing popularity of massage chairs in the USA is attracting many cheap imports priced thousands more than they’re worth, with sub-par massage quality and questionable workmanship.  Massage chairs are fascinating and intriguing, however because most people have little experience with them, it makes deceptions go easily undetected.

The Elite selection clarifies the shopping experience with the world’s most accurate source for premium massage chairs, curated in advance by objective industry experts.  Unlike others selling only their own chairs, or a huge stable of options just to make a fast buck, Elite ensures only extraordinary massage chairs make the cut.  Each has been extensively vetted, analyzed, and tested, so shoppers can make their selection from a group of chairs they know are the right ones for discriminating buyers.

Elite utilized four critical benchmarks to select the massage chairs:

  1. From proven brands with superb reputations for quality and support
  2. Core features of state-of-the-art massage chairs
  3. Superior life-like massage feel and optimal therapeutic characteristics
  4. Breakthrough technological innovations making each massage chair stand apart.




The bottom line:

Elite sells the massage chairs we would buy if we were in your shoes, at the best prices, backed by service and support.