Product Spotlight: Powerboard 2.1 (with sweet discount)

Every once in awhile a massage product comes along that surprises you.  The Powerboard 2.1 is just such a product.


We’ve just announced a significant Spring Sale on the Powerboard 2.1 – for a limited time you can get an immediate $250 discount.  As part of this event we wanted to share a bit of background about this remarkable device.

Time and time again, our customers who’ve bought a Powerboard come back to report how thrilled they are with the performance and results from this interesting device.  At first glance you might wonder how something liek the Powerboard could be so popular, and the answer lies in the kinds of people who have found it so beneficial to their lifestyle.

Let’s start with what the Powerboard 2.1 is:

At its most basic description, the Powerboard is a vibration massage plate.  However vibration is just the beginning. Beyond quite powerful and stimulating vibration, the Powerboard is an advanced system of alternating movements, oscillation, and movement frequencies adapted for the human body.


Using it is so simple that it belies the remarkable results.  In a nutshell, simply standing on the Powerboard – or even positioning the plate in front of a chair or couch, and setting your feet on the Powerboard – delivers benefits that might surprise you.  Of course you can hold a squat position on the Powerboard, or incorporate power movements such as slight or deep knee bends.  You can also sit on the device for core exercises, or even do push ups.

The key is that by simply applying any amount of pressure, the Powerboard immediately begins to stimulate muscles, tendons, and joints.  This not only strengthens tissues, it also triggers immediate circulation improvement.

Who can benefit from the Powerboard?

This is where it gets interesting.  If you happen to be seeking an exercise device to enhance or increase the intensity of movements, the Powerboard 2.1 is a great device.  However the most prolific feedback we receive is from those that DON’T typically engage in strenuous, or even light exercise.  Therein lies the most intriguing benefit of the Powerboard:  No matter fitness level or age – this vibration plate is able to quickly facilitate muscle toning, reduce the aches and pains associated with aging, and reverse the consequences of physical inactivity.

The Powerboard 2.1 is extremely easy to use, by virtually anyone, and many happy customers relate how regular sessions have helped them reverse the negative consequences of slowing physical activity – whether age, or lifestyle reasons.  Not getting enough movement or exercise results in a host of avoidable side-effects.  As we age it becomes harder to maintain a regular routine, and as a result of probability of chronic health issues increases.

We lose muscle mass.  Our muscles need a balanced load of strain and physical activity to remain efficient. If not properly used, muscle tissue loses strength and eventually starts to break down – which in turn compromises the stability of joints and the spine.  And let’s face it – the heart is the most important muscle in our physical bodies.

Our back aches.  Tension and back problems are often the result of overuse – however under use of our bodies can cause back pain as well. Often this has to do with the loss of our core strength, which compromises the stability and balance of the spine.

We gain weight, and lose bone density.  Without exercise our ratio of energy consumption to food intake gets out of balance, and this depletes nutrition to cartilages, as well as robs our bone structure of mass – which can lead to injury and osteoarthritis.

We get stressed!  We already have enough stress in our lives, and insufficient physical activity only exacerbates the problems associated with stress; namely, the reduction in the release of stress hormones that comes with movement and exercise.

powerboard-2_1_exercise_web-1While these are the most prevalent results of not getting enough activity into our daily routines, it can also lead to more dangerous side effects such as higher risk of cardiovascular disease, and even digestive problems caused by a lack of healthy blood circulation.

The bottom line:  The PowerBoard 2.1 is much more than meets the eye.  While there are other vibration plates on the market, we’ve extensively tested and reviewed competitive products and not one even comes close to the Powerboard in terms of product quality, power, dependability, and exquisite engineering.

If you, or someone you love is concerned about insufficient physical activity, and seeking a way to more easily incorporate a healthy daily routine,  the PowerBoard 2.1 is a life-changer.

For a very limited time you can get the Powerboard 2.1 at an unbelievable price – $250 off!  Act fast, supplies limited.