NFL Draft Day: Preparing in a Massage Chair


Maybe, just maybe, Elite Massage Chairs can help one team in the NFL draft this year…

The NFL draft has evolved into a extraordinary stand-alone media event, captivating the hearts and minds of rabid fans across the USA.  This year on April 26-28, the sports world’s attention will converge at AT&T Stadium for the 2018 NFL Draft.

Every eligible collegiate athlete is subjected to unparalleled scouting and scrutiny, as each franchise works countless hours to select the best possible players, and in whom they will invest millions.  The NFL is big business, and the draft is the penultimate scene of the off-season.

The hours invested by the coaching staffs, front office personnel, and scout teams is exhaustive – poring over game film, evaluating and tweaking the draft board, and building strategies for draft day with hundreds of unpredictable outcomes.  This of course means little sleep combined with hurculean intellectual effort.  All this takes can take a toll on the mind and body, but there is perhaps a secret weapon that one NFL club has that will make it a little easier:  Instant access to massage chairs, right in the clubhouse.

Elite is proud to have supplied our massage chairs to our hometown team, the Denver Broncos.  We feel some satisfaction knowing our massage chairs just might give those tired coaches, staff and scouts at least a little reprieve, and allow them to recover at the end of long days and nights.  Maybe, just maybe, our massage chair can play some small part in a successful draft.  We can dream, can’t we?!

Good luck to all the NFL teams this year in the draft, and here’s to luxurious full-body massage for our great customers in the Denver Broncos organization.


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