New Massage Chair Comparison Chart


We’ve recently updated our massage chair comparison chart to help you instantly view core features of each massage chair sold by Elite. 

Leveraging years of customer interactions and guiding them through the selection process, the comparison chart identifies the most relevant features massage chair shoppers typically want to see.  For example, features include things such as assessed massage and Acupressure strength, user height and weight recommendations, warranty coverage, and importantly, you can quickly identify the most distinguishable innovations offered in each massage chair.




In total this represents our guidance on which chairs should be in your short list of considerations.  No “laundry list” of every massage chair we could offer if we wanted to cast the widest net for sales (like too many others in the market today); think of this as the entire category boiled down to the best, based on our 15+ years in the business.

Our criteria for this list was that each chair must meet the following requirements:

  1. Proven brands (manufacturers) with superior reputations for quality and support
  2. Core features of state-of-the-art massage chairs
  3. Superior life-like massage feel and optimal therapeutic characteristics
  4. Breakthrough technological innovations making each massage chair stand apart

This massage chair comparison chart is an excellent place to start your research, and you can view the full chart now by clicking here.