Most Important Features in a Massage Chair

How to Shop for a Massage ChairA massage chair is a big purchase, and an important investment. You should expect to get many years of therapeutic benefits from a full-body massage chair. How can you be sure you’re researching the most important features in a massage chair?
If you start with Elite Massage Chairs, we are confident our models all incorporate the broad range of functions for every need. However we encourage all of our customers to do their research! Check out other manufacturers and carefully compare features.

So when wondering how to shop for a massage chair, we’ve provided what we feel are the MOST important features for a massage chair so you can get the best chair for your needs.

1. Warranty

Getting the best massage chair warranty is critical. Whenever you buy a massage chair, you are buying the support the manufacturer will provide. We believe that the massage chair warranty is a good indicator of chair quality and the company behind it. Generally the longer the warranty, the better the chair. A 5-year warranty (without having to purchase the “extended warranty” package) is best. So how about a warranty longer than 5 years? Beware of massage chair manufacturers with warranties longer than 5 years, as this can be designed just to get your attention. Warranty coverage lasting more than 5 years almost always refers only to the frame (read your fine print). Your massage chair frame should be made of structural steel, and last (almost) forever no matter what, and the possibility of getting any service that long is remote.

Call the company – talk to one of their tech support reps. Are they experts in massage chairs? How long have they been supporting their chairs? Are they located in the USA or outsourced? Talk to their sales reps too – do they know their own chairs completely – inside and out – and do they know the competitors’ chairs too so they can offer honest feedback of any elements of the warranty?

Lastly you should ensure their massage chair warranty can accommodate telephone-based tech support, and what happens should they need to send a tech support rep to visit your home, and what is the incremental cost above the standard warranty?

While you might not consider the warranty as one of the most important features in a massage chair, it will be very important to ensure you can easily get any repairs done and can trust that the manufacturer will stand behind their massage chairs.

2. Full-body Depth of Massage

Most people want a massage chair for full-body therapeutic benefits. While a relaxing dream-inducing massage chair sounds attractive, you’ll want to assess each massage chair’s ability to provide a deep, strong, natural feeling massage. It’s better to get a strong massage chair that you can tone down easily with the remote control than settle for a soft massage chair that you can’t adjust.

The benefits of deeper tissue massage are what most buyers are seeking, and you’ll likely want a chair designed for optimal therapeutic depth of motion and range. Getting a massage in a strong massage chair is a little like working out. The first day you might be a little sore but your body adjusts and you start to acclimate to the routine and gain more benefits.

The first time you experience a deep tissue massage – and we’ve designed our Elite Massage Chairs to provide the deepest massages of any chair — you’ll likely immediately realize that is the experience you’re seeking. The key is a strong massage that doesn’t feel “mechanical” or painful, but rather with well-designed, and with smooth massage mechanics that mimic the feel of human touch.

Our recommendation is that before you buy, compare the Elite Robo-Pad by trying it. We’ve had lots of people try our chair who already own another brand, and say they wish they would have tried an Elite chair before they bought the one they already own!

3. Ease of maintenance

This is an important feature for a massage chair, and we at Elite are one of the few manufacturers that will provide this as an important buying criteria. We’ve made our chairs very easy to maintain, based on over 12 years of selling massage chairs, and we are constantly shocked at how difficult some other massage chairs are to access in the event something goes wrong.

Even if you get a 1 year in-home service warranty…..then what? Often chairs will require a massage chair technician to do maintenance or repair. However most massage chair buyers never think about ease of self-maintenance. There are significant savings longer term with a massage chair you can easily assess yourself for a simple repair.

Look for a chair with a modular design. This simply means it’s easy to access the inner components, or easy to remove the arms for example. If you’re not sure, ask the manufacturer how easy it is for the average person to fix if necessary – or what is involved in accessing the massage block, or removing the arms – ask for specifics.  High quality massage chairs are even “plug and play” and just about any part can be removed in a few minutes. The companies that make them have thought ahead in their design, haven’t just tossed something on the market to make a quick buck.

4. Custom Massage Programs

This is about making the massage chair, and the massages it provides, just right for your distinct needs. Make sure your chair is fully customizable via the massage chair remote control.

A one button massage is great – and we’ve designed 6 pre-designed massage programs such as relaxation, stiffness relief, shoulder massage, and stretching for example. However if you can’t increase or decrease focus or depth on particular areas of the body, you won’t be able to isolate those spots you most want to target – or worse, you will be uncomfortable.

Choose a massage chair that can store your favorite massages in memory, so you can program your own personal massage and enjoy it any time you wish. This will ensure your massage chair is “just right” for you, and one that will evolve with you for years to come. So a chair that can hit any point, at just the right intensity and motion, is an important feature in massage chairs.

5. Massage Chair Foot Massage.

Don’t forget the feet! For those who have experienced a foot massage (let’s hear those pleasant “ahhhs”), you know how important and rehabilitating it can be, especially for those who spend a lot of time on their feet at work. A great foot massage can make a big difference on your overall feeling of well-being, and deliver remarkable regenerative benefits.

Choose a massage chair that addresses the whole foot with reflexology — including the tops and sides of the feet with airbag pressure — plus full rollers on the bottom of the foot. Some chairs such as the Elite Robo-Pad will even do the top of your feet and toes as well as Achilles tendon massage.

There’s a saying about massage chairs among industry veterans: “A massage chair without a good foot massage is only ½ a massage chair!” As a result great massage chair foot massage is an important feature in massage chairs.  So when considering how to shop for a massage chair, consider the feet!