Massage Chairs Relieve Stress


When you read this word, what immediately comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you think about physical therapy. Or more specifically, you think of kneading, rubbing and manipulating muscle tissues.   Sure, that’s the basic premise of massage.  Anyone who has regularly used a massage chair knows first-hand the remarkable physical benefits gained through enhanced circulation and relieving tight muscles.

But what if this focus on the physical is only half the story?

Recent market research indicated most people list the physical reasons when asked why they seek regular massage.  However, in qualitative in-depth studies, it was revealed that the most powerful benefit of massage was in fact the mental benefits they received.  The leading reason people sought regular massage turned out to be how it made them feel mentally and emotionally.  A 20-minute session in a massage chair encourages peace of mind and promotes a relaxed state of mental alertness.  Massage chairs relieve stress.  The rhythmic massage motions melt away anxiety, and gives the overall feeling of well-being. By achieving this more relaxed state of mental awareness, a massage chair relieves stress.

By relieving stress, regular massage chair use makes you healthier.  Researchers have determined that many diseases can be correlated to STRESS.  The feeling of overwhelming stress can trigger decreases in the body’s natural ability to ward off viruses and other physical ailments.

A study lead by Sheldon Cohen (Carnegie Mellon University), which explored the link between stress and illness, showed that chronic stress undermines the body’s ability to handle inflammation. The constant release of the stress hormone cortisol negatively impacts the ability of that very same hormone to fight inflammation. The body essentially becomes de-sensitized, and ironically become resistant to the positive effects of cortisol under normal conditions. Cohen explains, “The immune system’s ability to regulate inflammation predicts who will develop a cold, but more importantly is provides and explanation of how stress can promote disease.”

By addressing both physical and mental needs, a massage chair is a extraordinarily powerful tool in building health through the mind body connection. When the body feels better and commences to repair itself, and the suppression of stress-related cortisol release through massage provide therapeutic physical benefits as well as stress-relieving mental benefits – the latter which lead to better overall health and perhaps even disease prevention.

Beyond the benefits for a specific condition or illness, some people enjoy their massage chair because it involves a sense of self-caring. Time spent in a massage chair is a genuine treat to oneself. In those minutes in a premium massage chair the chaos of daily life melts away with every kneading motion, every tap, and every move of the massage rollers. Sounds fade away, and the muscles and mind reawaken.

So when you think about what to consider when buying a massage chair, don’t just think of all those physical benefits. The effects of a massage chair on your mental state, and its ability to relieve stress should be important considerations as well.   The bottom line is that our massage chairs relieves stress, and this generates compounding benefits for living a healthier, happier lifestyle.

We believe the connection between the mind and the body is a critical link to realizing your healthiest, happiest state, and you’ll notice our beliefs in our massage chair design and innovations.