Massage Chair Delivery Options

elite massage chair delivery options

You’ve done your research, decided on the massage chair you’ve always wanted, and found the company you want to do business with. Only one question remains:  What are your massage chair delivery options, and which one is best for you?


Choosing the right massage chair delivery option for you comes down to two primary considerations:

1. Budget
2. Amount of help you desire getting the massage chair into your home and set up

As the #2 above, the good news is that all massage chairs sold by Elite are easy to assemble, and you can quickly access step-by-step instructions. Still, you are still dealing with a chair that weight in excess of 200 lbs., and perhaps you’ve picked a spot in your upstairs bedroom for your massage chair – so you may want some help.  No matter your budget, needs or concerns – there is a massage chair delivery option just right for you, and we’ve provided an overview of each of those options below.

There are three massage chair shipping options, listed below in order of cost (least to most):

1. Standard Delivery (in box)
2. 2-person In-Home Delivery (in box)
3. White Glove Delivery (out of box)

You’ll note in the list above, two of the options are “in box” delivery options, and White Glove delivery is “out of box”. I’ve made this distinction up front, as it may impact how the massage chair is carried into your home.  Here’s why:

20180524_095105With the massage chair inside the original box, you can expect the box to be just under 35” wide. However outside the box, the typical massage chair is about 30” wide. These dimensions may impact whether you can bring the box into your home, or if you will need to unbox the massage chair prior to bringing it through the threshold.

The 35” box width is not an accident, since the standard width of an exterior door is 36” wide.  However, some older homes may have a narrower exterior door, so if you think your home falls into that category, its worth checking with a tape measure so you’ll know what to expect when your massage chair arrives.

Now let’s get to the details for each massage chair delivery option.

Standard Delivery

For standard deliveries, your massage chair will be delivered to your threshold. What this means exactly is the the massage chair, inside the box, will be unloaded from the truck and delivered to your front door. If the entry to your home is not on ground level, for example if you have a flight or two of stairs to access the front door, the box will be carried up those stairs and placed at the front door.
From the threshold, the rest is up to you if you choose Standard Delivery for your massage chairs. For example, you will then unbox the chair, it into your home, and do any minor assembly necessary.

If you live in a condo, town home, or apartment complex, there may be some additional requirements, so if this applies to your home you should alert us during the order process, so we can make those notes for the delivery crew.

2-person In-Home Delivery

This is simply one step beyond Standard Delivery. Instead of delivering the massage chair to the threshold, the delivery crew will bring the box inside your home. Just as with Standard Delivery, it will be your responsibility at that point to unpack and assemble the chair.  This additional service level may be helpful if you the area around your threshold is uncovered and you are concerned about the weather, or perhaps you would like the box delivered to the room of your home that you’ve selected for your new massage chair.

As you might expect based on the extra effort, 2-person in-home massage chair delivery adds an additional fee beyond Standard Delivery.  Remember too that this level of delivery means the delivery crew will carry the chair – inside the box – into your home, rather than unpacking the massage chair prior. If you opt for 2-person in-home delivery, be sure your threshold is 35” or wider (vs. 30 inches if the chair is first removed from the original box).

White Glove Delivery

This option can some delivery lead time, in some cases 7-14 days.  However this is the desired option for customers who wish to have the chair delivered into the preferred placement of their home, have the chair set up for them, and have the boxes taken away (however we strongly encourage you to keep all packing materials for warranty purposes).

For White Glove Delivery you will be contacted in advance to schedule a delivery time that is convenient for you, or to be more specific, a time range (typically a 2-hour window). Typically the delivery crew will unpack the chair outside your home, and then carry the chair inside to the spot you’ve designated. From there they will do the basic assembly and set up, which depending on the massage chair model may include attaching the footrest, arms, and remote control.

While these white glove delivery crews are trained on the chair setup, don’t expect them to be familiar with the chairs’ programs and functions. You’ll still want to refer to your manual, or the many resources we’ve provided including videos, for detailed operation guidance.

White Glove is certainly the easiest option as far as effort you’ll need to apply, and as you might expect is the priciest massage chair delivery option. However, if you have the budget, certainly white glove delivery is a luxury!


To see all the massage chair delivery options provided above, and if you want to compare pricing, visit our shopping cart on the Elite website to experiment. And give us a call if you would like to discuss any of our massage chair delivery options!