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Massage Chair Rentals

If you are a business, massage chair rental is a great program for organizations that want to add the benefits of massage to the everyday experience – whether for employees or customers.  Elite has designed a flexible and affordable program for limited time massage chair rentals.


Every Elite massage chair rental option comes with FREE delivery, making it a snap to add a one-of-a-kind perk to your next occasion. Massage chair rentals are also a fantastic way to show your customers you care, and the key advantage of a rental is no purchase requirement – you pick the rental term that works best for you.

Massage Chair rentals

Student or Faculty Lounge

Our massage chair rental program is different from others.  Not only do we provide flexible rental programs for your trade show, corporate event, or customer lounge or employee wellness program, with the Elite massage chair rental program you get the #1 selling, most advanced therapeutic massage chairs available on the market.  Every rental massage chair comes in like-new condition, and expert Elite staff will deliver and set up your rental massage chair for FREE!

All of our rental massage chairs have easy to use controllers, with simple one-push button automatic massage programs for easy and scalable use for your needs.  And as the leader in massage chair manufacturing, Elite has full-time massage chair experts standing by to assist with any aspect of your program to ensure you get the most out of your massage chair rentals.  For all of our annual rentals, you even have the option of buying any or all of the massage chairs at a discounted cost should you wish to make them a permanent feature!

Trade Shows

Massage Chair rentals

Trade shows or conventions

An Elite Massage Chairs rental will make your trade show exhibit THE place to be, generate buzz, and increase traffic to ensure your sales point is a huge success.  There is no more captive audience than dozens of attendees spending 15 minutes at your booth in blissful relaxation.  Use a massage chair or two to drive qualified prospects to your event space and leave them with an experience they will remember above all the other booths.

Corporate Events

Massage chair rentals

Office Parties or corporate events


Add a few Elite Massage Chairs rentals to your next corporate event, and create a company party that your employees will never forget. Not only will they love you for providing free massages, they’ll leave feeling blissful and refreshed.  Set your next corporate event apart, and make it one to remember.

Customer Lobby or Waiting Room

Looking for the perfect compliment to your office lobby?  Or how about an extraordinary customer perk in your lounge, waiting room, or service center for your customers while they wait?  An Elite massage chair rental drives customer loyalty and increased visits.

massage chair rentals

Hotel or business Lobby

Your employees will also appreciate a 15-minute break during the workday, and a rental massage chair will boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Give the extra perk to your hard-working employees that will leave them relaxed and rejuvenated, and knowing you’ve rewarded them in an unforgettable way. 



Annual Massage Chair Rental

Massage Chair 
1 year rental or
2 year rental

ONE year rental:
$699 down
$219 per month
12-month contract

TWO year rental:
$699 down
$129 per month
24-month contract

Rental includes white glove delivery, setup, and retrieval of the massage chairs.

End of Term Purchase Option:
One year rental:  $499.00 purchase option
Two year rental:  $49.00 purchase option

Daily Massage Chair Rental

Massage Chair
Rental by the day

Free delivery, setup and retrieval
Minimum 7 days
Free delivery, setup and retrieval
Minimum 14 days

Chiropractors / Therapists / Medical Facilities

Massage Chair
3 month trial

$699 down
$258 per month
3 month contract

Rental trial includes white glove delivery, setup and retrieval of the massage chair(s).

End of Term Purchase Options:
Pro-rated amount paid toward purchase or option of extending to 1 or 2 year plan.

For more information or to receive a rental agreement please call 800-592-0548 ext. 2 or submit this form with your specifics.  We’ll be delighted to structure a massage chair rental for your needs.  The Elite massage chair rental program is available to corporate or company entities only, and not available to individual consumers.