Massage Chair Benefits for the Mind

Mind the Mind Body ConnectionIf you have experienced a great 3D massage chair, you already know the feel-good benefits of deep, therapeutic massage. From a physical standpoint, there is ample evidence pointing to the regenerative effects of massage. Massage chair therapy is known to benefit the physical body through enhanced circulation and relieving tight muscles.

The fact that it feels so good might make some forget about the mental benefits of a massage chair.  A 20-minute session in a massage chair encourages peace of mind and promotes a relaxed state of mental alertness. The rhythmic massage motions melt away anxiety, and gives the overall feeling of well-being.  By achieving this more relaxed state of mental awareness, a massage chair relieves stress.

This mental state that can be achieved in a massage chair goes even deeper than simply “feeling good.”  Researchers have determined that many diseases can be correlated to STRESS.  The feeling of overwhelming stress can trigger decreases in the body’s natural ability to ward off viruses and other physical ailments. A massage chair can help you relax more quickly, and glide into a deeper sense of calm to bring these natural defenses back to fighting shape.

Putting the physical and mental together, a massage chair can help strengthen your instinctual awareness of the Body and Mind Connection. When the body feels better and commences to repair itself, the benefits extend directly into the mind.

Beyond the benefits for a specific condition or illness, some people enjoy their massage chair because it involves a sense of self-caring.  Time spent in a massage chair is a genuine treat to oneself.  In those minutes in a premium massage chair the chaos of daily life melts away with every kneading motion, every tap, and every move of the massage rollers. Sounds fade away, and the muscles and mind reawaken.

So when you think about what to consider when buying a massage chair, don’t just think of all those physical benefits. The effects of a massage chair on your mental state, and its ability to relieve stress should be important considerations as well. In short, Mind the Gap between your body AND mind.