Elite Massage Chairs BEST Price Guarantee - Elite Massage Chairs

best-price-massage-chairs Find the same new massage chair at another online store at a better price?  We’ll match it.

Here’s how it works

Simply send us an email or give us a call toll-free at 800-592-0548 ext. 1 and tell us the competitor’s price on the same new massage chair you found on Elite, and where it is being offered.  We’ll confirm the price is valid, and we will match it.

Once we have verified the price, we will contact you with the price match information. You can either order your new chair over the phone at that price, or we can provide a promo code for you to utilize on our shopping cart.  It’s that easy!

Just to be up front, in order for us to match the price:

  • Our price match guarantee only applies to new chairs, not refurbished.  However, the prices on our factory refurbished massage chairs are the best in the industry.
  • Available for sales in the USA only, and for shipments to the continental US.
  • If sales tax is applicable to the state you live in, we’ll still need to add that to the matched price.
  • Our guarantee takes into account the cost of the chair and the applicable shipping costs, if this is necessary to match the price.
  • Price matches are good for 48 hours, to accommodate competitor time-sensitive discounts or other special promotions.
WHO you buy your massage chair from is just as important as WHICH chair you buy.  For over 15 years Elite has provided the best customer service and post-sale support of any manufacturer in the industry.
Contact us today!  (800) 592-0548 ext. 1.