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Elite Massage Chair Reviews

We love our customers, and we love it when they love us back! Here you can find massage chair reviews directly from Elite customers.  Customer feedback about any company in the massage chair business should be a crucial consideration when making your purchase decision.  You can also check out some video reviews too.
“One very happy customer, thanks again for the excellent service”

I had an issues with my chair.

I called Elite and received excellent service over the phone and by email they took the time to listen to my issues and help me over the phone to find a solution to the problem. When I needed a new part, it was covered under warranty and when a part had to be shipped I received it within a day or two, along with information on how to replace the part.

One very happy customer, thanks again for the excellent service!”

– K. Hoffman, Certified Google Review

“Companies like this should be congratulated and celebrated”

“Can’t say enough about the after sales service of Elite Massage Chairs.  I own an older model – I made a mistake and caused a malfunction.  Went online – saw a pop up for a chat – thought it was BS – decided to connect IMMEDIATELY started chatting with Eric from Elite – gave me some great advice – I asked him to call me – he did IMMEDIATELY – walked me through a couple of ‘fixes’ – he made a plan – connected me with the parts department – new part ordered.  Bada boom!  Problem fixed. 

If you are thinking about buying one of their chairs and wonder if they will be there to support you – I can tell you they were there to support me right away.  Companies like this should be congratulated and celebrated for their after sale service.  Thanks!”

– G. Smith, Montreal, Quebec

“Best investment ever!”


I love my my massage chair I bought from Elite!  Best investment ever!
Ed Wong, Facebook Review @TheEliteChairs

“Spent a lot of time trying ther chairs and looking at competitors”

We bought the Alphasonic chair after stopping by their showroom in Colorado. Spent a lot of time trying out their chairs and looking at competitors’ chairs that they have on display as well. We have been very happy with the chair. It’s a welcome relief after a day of skiing or hiking. Hits all the right spots. I also think that most massage chairs are unattractive and this is the least unattractive one we’ve seen.

“Thank you to everyone at Elite”elite-massage-chair-review-rick-g

“Just got our massage chair we ordered from Elite and my wife loves it!!!! Great service and delivery. Easy set up. Looking forward to many years of enjoyment for my wife. This already is a great Christmas for her and I. Thank you to everyone at Elite and have a Merry Xmas!!”

– Rick G., Google Review, Dec. 2017

“Best chair I found so far! Love this chair…..”

I have owned 3 massage chairs….and this one is by far the top of the heap! I can speak regarding Osaki 4000 and Osaki Pro Dreamer that I have owned personally, and test drove the Bali from Human touch extensively before deciding not to buy is as it also does not compare to this chair.

My favorite features are: The foot massage, and the wideness ability the chair offers, and the shoulder airbags.

The foot massage in the massage chair I bought can’t be matched. How it rubs the top, sides, bottom and toes, is far beyond my ability to understand, so I just enjoy it!

This chair allows you 5 width settings, so it gets “narrow”…which other chairs don’t. My “spot” is close(ish) to my spine…not out on my shoulder blade, and the competitors don’t got that far in….so they miss it completely.

The shoulder airbags actually hold your arms down, (because they go on top of your upper arm) so the back rollers can do a better job. The Osaki chairs just have side bags that push your arms in, not really accomplishing much, and not really and exciting feature.

Other great features of the Robopad:

This chair fits tall folks….the Pro Dreamer does not…my son does not fit in it as he should at 6’3″ and has to keep his legs oddly bent to use it.

This chair gives you a “10” deep massage……Pro Dreamer gives you a deep massage, BUT it doesn’t get narrow enough, and even though it is deep, it always hits my shoulder blades, so I can’t run it deep as it is painful…so I have to run it to light for me to get my muscles worked well. , The 4000 I would rate as a 5.

I am an owner of this chair, and I do NOT have an affiliation with any company. I love deep massage, and I only want a chair that does deep tissue.

-Vicki from Phoenix, Amazon 5-star review

“Can’t wait for my massage chair to arrive!”

“Very easy to purchase and received invoice only hours later.  Can’t wait for my massage chair to arrive!”shaine-review-elite-massage-chairs

– Shaine Buehring, Google Review of Elite Massage Chairs

“Worth every penny!”

I love my massage chair!  I’ve had a chronic back issue for a few years and this chair did the trick for me! Visitors love the chair too! I’ve even had friends come over just to get a massage LOL. Elite Massage Chairs has great customer service too!  I’ve worked with both Letha and Eric.  It’s an expensive chair but the customer service I’ve received from them is worth every penny!  Thank you!
Sha DACo, Google Review
Elite Robopad Customer



“Customer for life!!”

We have owned other massage chairs.  None of them have been as good as this one [Elite Robopad]. And I have never experienced such a high level of service as I did with this company.  Customer for life! Thank you! 
Valerie B.
Google Review

“5 Stars!”

John Brucklier-Bruccolieri
Google Review

“It’s a pleasure to do business with an honorable company”

“So glad we discovered your massage chair at my brother’s house.  He loves the chair and convinced us to get one too, glad we did.  It’s a pleasure to do business with an honorable company.”
William Lai., Customer Letter to Elite Massage Chairs

“Service is everything to me”

“I traveled from Grand Junction to visit Eric at [the] Elite Massage Chair showroom in Evergreen last Saturday.  I was impressed by [the] website and the promises of quality and service.  Little did I know, but what this was his day off.  I was able to reach him by phone and he gratiously agreed to meet me at his store and demonstrate his chairs. 

Eric was great to deal with, the chairs were just what I was hoping for and I wound up purchasing an Elite Robopad.  Eric showed me how to disassemble and reassemble the chair, helped me load it for transit back to Grand Junction and satisfied my concerns as to his (English speaking) availability for operational, service or maintenance needs.  With only the help of my fiancé, I was able to unload the chair, move it into my home, reassemble it and enjoy my first massage a little over an hour. 

Service is everything to me.  The knowledge that it is as close as my phone is nearly as comforting as a good massage session in my chair.”

– Jim Langford, Grand Junction, CO

“We recognize when another business goes out of their way to help customers.”

“This note is long overdue. You may recall that I contacted you last fall regarding the need for an power cord for our massage chair.  My wife is a professional pianist, and the years and practice and performing have take a toll on her back.  We were extremely pleased to receive your package so fast!  My wife and I pride ourselves on providing good customer service to our customers, so we recognize when another business goes out of their way to help their customers.” 

We wish you the best in 2017.  Thanks again!”

– Kent & Mary Beth Carlson

“Elite is the massage chair company to go with.  There are real, caring, passionate people behind this brand!”
“When we began our search for a massage chair, we were surprised to find that most were sold over the Internet and there were very few places where we could go and actually try the chairs. We were reluctant to make such a large purchase without knowing exactly what we were getting.  After months of online research, my husband found a Brookstone location in a mall, and found the location for Elite massage chairs on their web site.  We decided to take an impromptu trip to Denver over Spring Break.

We went to Brookstone in the mall first. They had two chairs that we could try. While the young man and woman in Brookstone were friendly, they knew next to nothing about the chairs, were unaware of the exact steps we would need to take if we needed repairs, and never told us the brand of chair they sold.  When we left there, we still weren’t sure we would even buy a chair.

The next day we went to Elite Massage Chairs in Evergreen, CO.  We showed up unannounced and actually caught Elite right in the middle of a location move.  But we also were fortunate to get there when the owner John was there.  John took us to the part of the building where the chairs were and explained their set up to us.  

John thoroughly explained what each chair offered, answered all of our questions about each of the chairs, showed us a massage block from one the chairs and explained how it worked, and readied all of the chairs for us to test.  As the five of us (my husband and I and our three kids) settled in to test the chairs, all John asked of us was that when we were finished, we simply provide our honest feedback about each chair, and he left us alone to test and discuss the chairs. We spent nearly two hours trying each different chair.  

When we were finished, all five of us knew the right massage chair for our family.  It provided the most aggressive massage, matchless foot massage, and the best combination of options.  John also explained to us that if the chair needed repairs, we could call Elite and a technician would help us troubleshoot so we could mail the broken part in and receive a new one. If that didn’t work, Elite technicians would come to our house ( four hours away in Wyoming) to fix the chair.  We were sold and we ordered immediately.  

Our chair is the perfect massage chair for our family.  But what convinced us to buy the chair right then was the outstanding customer service we received, the clear information about repairs and the ability to test myriad massage chairs and know that Elite was the best possible source before we purchased.

Elite is the massage chair company to go with. They are not a faceless Internet site. There are real, caring, passionate people behind this brand!”

– Melissa H., Douglas, WY

“Far exceed what I experienced in some other chairs.”

“I love this chair. I have had it about 3 months and have not had any problems. The massage is great and actually seems to be helping my back.

Things that I love about it:

  • The massage is strong and adjustable. I like a strong massage on other massage chairs I tried, and have to use the max setting. On my massage chair, it’s as strong as I like even below the max setting.
  • The foot and calf massage are amazing. They far exceed what I experienced in some other chairs.
  • It has a very enveloping feel. That is, the amount of your body that gets a massage is very high. The rollers hit all of your back, but you also get air pads that massage your entire lower arms, your calves, all of your feet, etc.
  • It adjusts to your body size. I am tall and the Robopad’s scan figures out my height and width. It uses this to know where my shoulders, shoulder blades, neck, etc. are and then adjusts the roller positions accordingly.
  • It has a very long travel, meaning that it reaches from the top of my neck to below my tailbone. This is the longest travel in the industry.
  • The feel of the material is excellent.

Review submitted by Bryski via Amazon, Elite Massage Chairs

“After 8 years of using the chair everyday I am very happy I purchased..”

“Hi Eric. Thank You for emailing this material to me. I followed the instructions and took the back off my chair. I vacuumed all the dust and fabric out of the chair. I disconnected the red/black wire from the lower canister of the elevator and then reconnected it to the circuit board. I turn on the controller to the Auto position and the back carriage started to climb up the treaded rod. I do not know what I did but the chair is working once again.

I am so grateful to you for your help. After 8 years of using the chair everyday I am very happy I purchased it from you. Thanks again.”

– D. Bettin

“My Alphasonic looks great in my living room!”

“My Alphasonic massage chair was delivered this morning and it looks great in my living room!  Thank you!”

– M. Dovan, Elite Massage Chairs customer

“I would highly recommend Elite Massage Chairs”

“Eric was very helpful with assisting me on getting a part for my older model massage chair. I would highly recommend Elite Massage Chairs for any needs with this type of equipment.

photoBarry W.
Google Review, Elite Massage Chairs
“We’ve loved every minute of it!”

“I bought my husband your massage chair for his 75th birthday.  We’ve loved every minute of it!  We [use it so much] so have had to replace the backing, but that was not a major issue.  Thank you!”
Sheila Colyer, Elite Massage Chairs review

“This is by far the best massage chair in which I’ve sat.”

“My Elite massage chair seems to be working great. I spent probably 2.5 hours in it so far today! 🙂  This is by far the best massage chair in which I have sat.

I tested several chairs at Brookstone and wasn’t too thrilled with any of them. The best one which I tested there was the Signature model which is made by Inada specifically for them. Even that had some annoyances. I also tested chairs in malls and airports, but those were even worse than the ones at Brookstone. I was a little hesitant to buy a massage chair online without having tested it first, but I am not regretting it.”

– Eliot G., certified Elite Massage Chair Owner

“Very nice chair fully loaded with just about every feature, price better than other high end chairs”

“I got a chance to try out this massage chair today at one of their Costco event roadshows. I think it’s a very nice elite-massage-chairs-amazon-reviewchair fully loaded with just about every features, and the price seems to be better than other comparable high end chairs of other makes that have similar features. I like the fact that it does a scan of your body to create the correct profile of your body so that it can provide a better massage at all the right places. The Android app and custom settings are also very cool. The rollers seem to be able to go deep and strong if desired.”

– PXN, Certified Amazon.com review, Elite Massage Chairs

 “I LOVE my Elite Massage Chair!!”

“You guys are great.  I LOVE my Elite Massage Chair!!  Thank you…”

– Donna M., Elite Massage Chair Owner

“I’ve had my Elite Robpad for over a year, and I love it.”

“I’ve had my Elite chair for over a year, and I love it.  I recently had to have it serviced, and was fortunate to have your technician visit my home.  She was knowledgeable, energetic, and a super friendly individual. You are lucky to have her as a member of your team!”

– John B., Elite Massage Chair Review

“Thanks for the awesome personable person.”

“Thank you very much Dane & Elite, Letha came by to replace the component. Thanks for managing to fit us in during the busy holiday schedule and thanks for the awesome personable person that is Letha!”

– Paul L., Elite Massage Chair Owner

“I really admire your morals and ethics.”

“Eric, you indeed have exceeded [my expectations] by far and above the norm, offering more “I have your back” customer service and product advice.  I was really impressed with your online Robo-Pad service and support information which revealed things I didn’t think one could obtain for massage chair longevity.  Great stuff.  I really admire your morals and ethics.”

Respectfully, Sam M., Elite Massage Chair Customer

“It has made a HUGE difference!”

“We bought the Elite chair for my mother, who cannot be convinced to slow down at 82! She uses it to relax in the evenings or after gardening, and it has made a HUGE difference in her back and neck. Thank you!”

V/R, Alice
Daughter, Elite Massage Chair Owner

“Thank you John”

“Thank you John and the Elite team.  I appreciate how knowledgeable and courteous you are.”

– Daren E., Dentist in Texas, Elite Massage Chair Owner

“Your massage chair relieves bumps, bruises, and stress.”

“As a firefighter in one of the biggest cities in the USA, your massage chair helps relieve the bumps and bruises – and also some of the stress from a long shift.  I have always recommended your products to co-workers and will continue to do so.”

– Brian O., Elite Massage Chair Owner

“My experience with Elite the past 10 years has been great.”
I want to let you know that Letha is a terrific asset.  I was in the banking services industry for 41 years, and from a service perspective while helping me with my chair, she was thorough, professional, and didn’t miss a thing – just a tremendous job.  My experience with Elite the past 10 years has been great.  Thank you.

Tim P.
Satisfied Elite Customer for 10 Years

“I am sold for life!!”
I received my Robo-Pad and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!  Assuming the quality lives up to what it seems like it will, I am sold for life!! 🙂   Thanks for all your help!

Heidi P.
Elite Massage Chair Review

“You may not be a professional athlete but….”
Jason LaneAs a 38 year old professional athlete I realized my body is not what it used to be and it needs a little extra TLC to compete at the major league level.  Given the need to compete at the highest level possible I set out to buy the highest quality massage chair possible. I did my research, contacted a lot of companies and based on the outstanding level of support and follow up I received from Elite, I purchased the Elite Robo-Pad and man am I glad I did.  This is truly a premium massage chair and it has everything.  I enjoy being able to customize a massage that fits my needs at the end of a hard day of training. 
You may not be a professional athlete, but if your body needs a little extra TLC like mine does and you’re looking into a massage chair, I would highly recommend the Robo-Pad.

– Jason Lane – Elite Massage Chair Review, Santa Rosa, CA

“The chair itself is the best massage chair I have ever sat in”
bbb-logo“I was worried about purchasing such a large and expensive item half-way across the country, and have had a very positive experience. My biggest concern was that if there was a problem, I would not receive support. I am happy to say that this concern came true about 6 months after I purchased the chair, and the customer service was excellent!! I was walked through different solutions, and when none of those worked, I was provide instructions on removing the computer from the chair and sending that to Elite Massage Chairs. They found the problem, repaired it, and sent it back. No problems whatsoever.
I want to relay this information to you, so you are aware of the top notch customer service Dane has given, and to thank Elite Massage Chairs for all your help.  The chair itself is the best massage chair I have ever sat in. We have had it 6 months and used it every day. Great investment!!”

– Michelle K., Review submitted to the Better Business Bureau

“It is refreshing, if not inspiring to see a well-run operation.”
“I am absolutely astounded at the quality, speed and satisfaction of the service call.
You sell a great product but after today, I have to say that your best selling point is your service and how well you stand behind your product.

Today, we are resigned to receive daily experiences and expectations of the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  It is refreshing, if not inspiring to see a well run operation.  I purchased my chair at my local Costco over a year ago. I even got to meet the Elite massage chair business owner on a roadshow demo.  My message to my fellow Costco members is : Buy this chair because it is worth it, look at the value and that you deserve this.  You will never have to look back on this decision and investment because the company will be there to support it.”

– Vic de Leon, “A very satisfied customer” – Elite Massage Chair Review

“I love how versatile this chair is for full-body massage.”
“The Robopad is great.  At first I thought it was a little bit complicated, but after a few uses I love how versatile this chair is for full-body massage.  Your staff – from sales to tech support – have been personable and very knowledgeable about massage chairs.  I particularly like the Android app too.  I love this chair.

– P. Sweeney – Elite Massage Chair Review

“Thank you for the timely response.”
“I am very pleased with my Elite massage chair (I’ve had the chair for 3 years) and your service.”
– W. Sibley
“To the local massage centers, you will not be seeing us again.”
“Eric, thanks for all of your help and follow up getting our massage chair delivered. To the local massage centers, you will not be seeing us again. This chair is wonderful and does the work of 3 masseuses at once. This chair hits your feet, arms and neck/back at the same time.  30 minutes in the Robo Chair and you are brand new.
This is a great product, you and your staff have been great all through the process. Thank you once again.
Thank you!”

– Gene Tuey

“My blood pressure is down to normal”
“I regularly use the [Robopad] Relax, Fine, Stiffness and Waist Stretch for 5 minutes each for my 20 minute routine. A couple of months ago I discovered that I have developed hypertension. I started recording my blood pressure before using the chair and after using the chair. After using the chair each evening my blood pressure is down to normal, about 10 points lower for both systolic and diastolic than before the massage. That is great!
My opinion of the chair is that it is not a touchy-feely-good chair like the department store [chairs] but a therapeutic machine!”

Bud Ivins, UT

“I can highly recommend the Robopad 3D from @TheEliteChairs”
“I can highly recommend the Robopad 3D from @TheEliteChairs.  I’ve owned one for about 3 years and it still gives a great massage.  Thanks for the support and parts, even after 3 years. #greatservice.”

– @keith_developer, via Twitter


“You educated me on the benefits and features of different chairs”
“I was impressed several months ago when I was doing my initial research on massage chairs and [my sales person] patiently answered all my questions and educated me on the benefits and features of different chairs. I talked to him for half an hour and I never once felt like he was trying to sell me anything…I applaud your company….
My wife and I [are] well on our way to developing a serious addiction to it.”

– Grant, Elite Massage Chair owner, Fairburn, GA

“Above expectations!”
“Thanks Elite.  Great service from first interaction to the last!  Fast, courteous, and very helpful.  Above expectations!!”

– Amit P. (Robopad owner), Fremont, CA

“As a Physical Therapist for over 30 years….I have no problem recommending your chair to my patients.”
“When I received the chair, I actually spent four hours in [it] utilizing the various cycles of automatic and manual capabilities of establishing a variety of massage techniques. I realized that, in essence, your chair really provides the level of depth that results in a therapeutic effect, especially when an individual with the effects of musculoskeletal problems and associated pain do not respond well to…massage therapy. Your chair is clearly, clearly very well built with solidity. It has a multitude of adjustments to accommodate various anatomical configurations…so it allows for a much better result in inhibiting the cycle of trigger point irritation and surrounding muscle spasming that can at times be even worse than the level of pain experienced at a traumatized site ore area of pain.

As a Physical Therapist having worked in the field for over 30 years and now also understanding the consequences of having traumatic injuries…I will have no problem in recommending your chair to my patients. Secondary effect to the prolonged level of pain and restriction [in my case] that resulted in significant muscle spasming along the left side of [my] spine from the neck through the mid back and to the lower back…was knife-like, sharp, stabbing pain which would not resolve with direct pressure techniques or with the use of cold or heat packs. After receiving your chair…I was finally able to sleep for 4 hours in a row, which I had been incapable of doing for weeks.

The quietness of the mechanisms of your chair allow me to be able to use it at night as necessary, even in relatively close proximity to may spouse who may be asleep without disturbing her. That is a very valuable aspect of the quality of your chair.  Again, thank you very much for the tremendous benefit that your chair has provided me. I utilized it on a frequent basis.”

Marc Pierre M.S., P.T.
Master of Science, in Physical Therapy
Center for Physical Health, CA

“I was really impressed!”
“The massage recliner from Elite was pretty nice looking and I was not expecting much more than a little heat and vibration but it did much more than that. I was really impressed! As a massage therapist I know nothing can compare to the healing, caring touch of another human being but this chair came close. The whole experience was deeply relaxing and therapeutic

I found the chair well designed and executed. It starts by measuring my back form SI joint to Occipital Ridge (ears to tail bone) and delivered the consistent, accurate strokes I expect from a good therapist. It felt wonderful. Each feature is adjustable so you get exactly the massage you want, targeting the areas that need attention and get relief. Or it has preset protocols so you don’t have to think about it at all. Just sit back an relax. I particularly enjoyed the calf and foot massage feature in the footrest.

The chair actually manages to feel like the hands delivering massage strokes. The “tapping” strokes on the upper back should and neck were perfect, just the right pressure and placement. Vibration can act as a sedative or as a stimulant, depending on duration. You can set this chair to deliver vibration and heat in relaxing/sedative combinations or get your body revived/stimulated for the tasks ahead.

With my clients I advocate engaging in activities that create a balanced lifestyle conductive to wellbeing. Massage, nutrition, exercise, and stress management are some of my big ones. I recommend trying to take time each day to relax body and mind if only for a few minutes as a way of balancing out high stress, hurried lives. Taking time for ourselves and caring for our bodies it vital.

This chair would be an excellent part of an at home or at office maintenance program, as a tool for stress reduction or simply to enjoy many of the benefits of a massage without having to leave you home or office.”

Audra Cooper
Licensed Massage Therapist
Utah College of Massage Therapy,
Salt Lake City, Utah San Diego CA

“I’ve tried the Human Touch, Panasonic, Sanyo, Shiatsu Plus and Fujiiryoki.”
“When I started my research for a massage chair, I looked at a variety of brands of chairs. I’ve tried the Human Touch, Panasonic, Sanyo, Shiatsu Plus and Fujiiryoki. When I came across the Elite Optima in my research on the internet – I was interested to learn more. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible for me to try the chair out myself as there’s no local shop that carried the Elite chairs in Toronto, Canada so I had to do most of my research on the web looking for independent reviews and customer feedback to get an idea of the type of massage this chair provided.
I talked to the customer service rep at Elite Massage Chairs to ask them to tell me the difference (massage-wise) between Panasonic EP-30004K (which I’ve tried and used as my benchmark to compare other chairs) and Elite Optima. They were very helpful and detailed in their description of the massage I would get from their chair and in the end I was comfortable enough to make the decision to go with the Optima.
When I received the chair and tried it out – it was exactly as advertised.  It gave a deep, strong massage – in my opinion, a marginally stronger massage than the Panasonic. I’m not saying that Panasonic gives a weak massage, in a matter of fact, it gave a great massage but when you compare the two, same feature to feature – the Optima wins out by a hair. If you factor in the equation of price in as well, where the Optima was considerable less which made the decision pretty well a no-brainer.
Mind you, the quality of the chair wasn’t cheapen because of the price being lower. Build quality was top notch – it’s on par with Panasonic. The chair is very quite and sturdy – no creaks. A couple of features that I initially didn’t give much value to was the heat and vibration options on the chair but after using it, I must admit that those are the two features I appreciate most and glad it’s there. Had the chair for a week now and I use it twice a day, everyday and so far it’s been great.”

David C. – Elite Massage Chair Review
Toronto, ON, CANADA

“Marvelous Machine”
“My purpose in writing this time is to tell you what a marvelous machine you’ve invented here.  No wonder it’s ranked #1 by at least one nationally recognized bean counting corporation, and it was their reporting that convinced me to buy your product.  It’s a beautiful thing, and I’m happy I have the means to enjoy it.”

– Rick, Tucson, AZ

“I just wanted to say thanks for all your help.”
“This is a quick follow-up regarding the above order for my Elite Chair.  I called you on Tuesday when the chair was delivered because one of the footrest roller castings was broken during shipment. You referred me to Dean in customer service and he had Integrity overnight a replacement part to the white glove delivery company (NSD).  An employee at NSD took care of the repair and re-delivered the chair today.  The chair looks great and everything appears to work fine.
I just wanted to say thanks for all your help with the order, answering my long list of questions and assisting with the repair.  You were very thorough and extremely patient!”

Jack, Elite Massage Chair Customer

“No More Chiropractors or Massage Therapists”
“My (chair) was delivered yesterday…..I CAN’T GET OVER HOW ADVANCED IT IS OVER MY LAST ONE….YES, THIS ONE WILL SPOIL ME…NO MORE CHIROPRACTORS OR MASSAGE THERAPISTS…Hopefully it will remain with me throughout my senior years. Thanks for your input on a great investment…
God Bless You in all your endeavors.”

– Abigail, Jefferson, GA

“Excellent customer service”
“I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent customer service that you have provided in connection with the purchase of the Elite massage chair. The guys came out yesterday and readjusted the various bolts so that now the [remote control holder] is properly set up. My husband loves it – especially the MP3 holder and speakers!
Please also extend my thanks to the CEO he took the time to help me out.”

Best wishes,
Deb S.  NJ – Elite Massage Chair Review

“The neck massage is wonderful”
“It has phenomenal massage action in the entire spinal region from my neck to my tailbone. The neck massage is wonderful. The calf massage really helps after being on my feet all day–very nice!”

– David Feldman, Elite Massage Chair Review

“Your customer service is above and beyond”
“Thank you for the quick answer to my question – and on the weekend, which I did not expect.  Your customer service is above and beyond.  Again, thanks for your help.”
– Barry B., Elite Massage Chair Customer
“I’ve tried many massage chairs and this one is by far the best”

“I ordered my massage chair from Elite and had it shipped to NC. The folks at Elite took care of everything and provided special notes for handling to, let’s just say, a unique destination–a cabin up a very rugged hill SE of Asheville.

Finnish sauna made of logs.

They helped me coordinate with the shipper and it went off without a hitch. I had a minor manufacturing issue with the chair that Elite Massage Chairs was able to resolve very quickly, less than a week. Thanks again Eric for that.

The chair itself is beyond amazing. The key features I enjoy are the lymphatic drain airbags, and the foot rollers. After one particularly firm massage, I fell asleep in the chair and didn’t want to get up.

I’ve tried many massage chairs and this one is by far the best, and I’m very happy with my purchase. I think about all the scheduling hassle, drive time and inconsistent massages I’m going to forego at Massage Envy, and the amortized cost of each massage from this chair, which I believe to be superior to most but the most skillful therapist, and I have to wonder why everyone doesn’t have this chair.”

 – Neinleven B., Facebook review @TheEliteChairs

“One very happy customer”elite-massage-chair-review-kevin-h

“I called Elite and received excellent service over the phone and by email they took the time to listen to my issues and help me over the phone to find a solution to the problem also when I needed a new part it was covered under warranty and when a part had to be shipped I received it within a day or two with information on how to replace the part.

One very happy customer thanks again for the excellent service.”

 – Kevin H., Google Customer Review, Dec. 2017

elite-massage-chair-review-charlie-l“Excellent service!”

Eric quickly diagnosed our problem as a failed transformer. He located & shipped an equivalent part within a couple days (vs. waiting months for a replacement from the factory in Asia). The installation instructions were quite clear. He also offered suggestions to prevent a recurrence. Excellent service!

– Charlie L., Google Review, Dec. 2017

“What a wonderful employee to represent your company”
“AJ was wonderful.  This gentleman was very informative, explained the massage chair and functions, answered all my questions very thoroughly, and I was able to understand the chair completely.  He was very kind and helpful, and took the time to really help me.  What a wonderful employee to represent your company.  Thank you.”

– Valley Fair Customer Review, Dec. 2017
“This is by far the best massage chair I have ever sat in!”
derrick_massage-chair-reviews“Shipping was super easy and the chair arrived in perfect condition. The chair is amazing for back pains, and my family uses it as well.  The massages and multiple features are amazing – it has a mode for whatever kind of massage I want. I use it daily.  The foot massages are extremely hand for when I’m sore all over.  The remote is easy to use for accessing all the features.
  This is by far the best massage chair I have ever sat in! “

– Derrick L., @TheEliteChairs massage chair review
“My wife an I LOVE our massage chair!”
“My wife and I love our massage chair we bought from Elite! Enough said!”

– Ed Z, November 24, 2017
“Have tried many massage chairs … this is the best one yet”
“I ordered the Robopad from Elite and it couldn’t be better. Greatly reduces stress and keeps my back feeli-peling great, especially after a round of golf. Have tried many massage chairs over the years and this one is the best yet. I had it shipped all the way to Hawaii and it was completely worth it. No complaints here, would buy another one if I ever needed a new chair. Thanks Elite!”

– Eli P, Facebook Review @TheEliteChairs
“Customer Service is Exceptional”
“We purchased our massage chair from Elite this summer [June 2017] and LOVE it!  Is is a powerful full-body massage and the foot/leg massage is much better than any other chair we’ve tried!  Also, their customer service is exceptional.”

– SL, Certified Google Review
“The experience with this company has been exceptional right from the first call”
“The experience with this company has been exceptional right from the first call to the final delivery. I was intending to buy a massage chair and came across the Elite Massage Chair website. When I called them Eric answered the call and explained to me all the different kinds of chair they had. The features were pretty much like any other high end chairs in the market.
The next day myself and my hubby went to their Evergreen location to test out and choose our massage chair. Eric was very good in communicating the delivery time on the chair. Himself and John came in for the installation. They found that my spa room door was quite small.  I was disappointed that this spa room that I decorated for the chair would not accommodate it even if they took the doors out. I took them to the basement and told them that they can place it there but I wasn’t much happy about it. They were so kind and said that they will take the arm off from the massage chair which took them close to 2 hours and make it to the spa room. I was very happy and excited that they were able to go over and above.
I am sure that I will have an exceptional service. I am very happy and satisfied with the chair as well. This chair has amazing lower back coverage and the zero gravity is awesome! I will be recommending this to all my friends and family.”
– Binal Mehta, Google Review 
“This is my 3rd massage chair from Elite. Mahalo!”hawaii-2
“Eric has helped me purchase my chairs, and this was my 3rd massage chair from Elite. I really appreciate your excellent service.  Mahalo and have a great day!!!! “
– Keith I., Elite Massage Chairs Review from Hilo, HI
“Very well built”
“Very well built, able to do both relaxing soothing massage and a deep massage for those rough days..well worth the investment. “
– F. Christoun, @TheEliteChairs Review 
“This chair is one of the best engineered I’ve seen”
“So, I was in the market for a new massage chair. This would be my 4th in the past 15 years. I believe my 2nd chair was from Elite. The two newest chairs I owned were wearing out so I decided it was time for a new one. Living in ND, it’s not easy to try out chairs.
There was a Brookstone store in Minneapolis where I was able to try out their best chair (I had already owned one from them.) The new features were great and I really enjoyed the chair. But, after doing some research, I noticed that the Elite Robopad chair had all of and more features than the Brookstone. I really studied it.

I called the Elite salesman and he offered me a deal that was nothing short of amazing. Two weeks later, I received the chair, all promises from Elite fulfilled. And the truck driver delivered it exactly to the letter – on my threshold. I had to muscle it in to my house and 20 feet into my living room. This thing was truly the 300+ lbs as promised and my arms are now 2 inches longer! I don’t fault Elite for this at all.

The unpacking and the instructions for unpacking were some of the best I have read. I don’t know if I have ever had such an easy time unpacking a large item. And assembly was even easier. Everything went together just as the manual said. I believe I unpacked and assembled the entire chair in about one hour. Great engineering in the packing and great writing for the unpacking and assembly!

This chair is one of the best engineered I have seen. It is rather svelt as opposed to many of these chairs. I was a little worried as it looked rather small to be able to do everything promised. Boy, was I mistaken. Don’t be fooled by it’s rather small profile. This chair did twice as much, twice as well as the large, bloated Brookstone I tried out. I really like the size because it fits better in my living room. Thank you Elite for making and selling a GREAT chair! (And the deal was absolutely amazing, too!)

Again, thank you Elite Chairs for a terrific chair and buying experience!”
– Markteach500, Elite Massage Chair Review
“She is in love with it ever since she used it for the first time”
vidyadhar-rayan“I got a chair from Elite Massage Chairs as a gift to my dentist wife.  After complaining initially about the price, she is in love with it ever since she used it for the first time after a hard day at work.  I tried it at a local Costco and decided to buy it.  You can’t go wrong.  Our friends and guests love it as well. “
– Vidyadhar Rayan, Facebook Review @TheEliteChairs. 
“You will see me back for a third chair!”
“I would like to express my joy of you guys taking care of our chair for my wife and me.  Your massage chair is something we both use daily – getting into our ‘golden years’ we have found that the process of getting older is not always so golden!  This is our second massage chair purchase from you folks.  If I’m still kicking when this chair bites the dirt you will see me back for our third chair!  Thanks again. “
– Ron S., email to Elite Massage Chairs
“We’re fighting over who gets to use it”
“We recently purchased the Alphasonic and have been using it everyday! We need two because we’re fighting over who gets to use it.”
– G. Chan, @TheEliteChairs Facebook Review
“I highly recommend the Robopad”
“I can highly recommend Elite Massage Chairs @TheEliteChairs [Twitter].  I’ve owned a chair I bought from them for about 3 years and it still gives a GREAT massage!”
– Keith @keith_developer
“I bought an Amazon Echo dot, just for my brand new Elite massage chair”

I bought an Amazon Echo dot, just for my brand new Elite massage chair.  It works great!  The dot sits on an end table, about 10 feet from my massage chair. After I turn on my massage chair, I speak:

“Alexa, connect bluetooth.”  Within a couple of seconds, Alexa will speak to me through the chair speakers inamazon-echo-dot-and-my-massage-chair the chair!  I can then say:  “Alexa, play my Pandora Station Nora Jones.”  I will immediately get the music through the speakers. I can say: “Alexa, louder”, or “Alexa, Softer”. If I don’t like the particular tune that is playing, I can say:  “Alexa, Next”.  Alexa can also play music from other sources, like Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn, all right through my Elite massage chair.  When the massage is over, I say: “Alexa, disconnect bluetooth.” This way I can talk to Alexa when I am not getting a massage.

I hope you find this email useful.  I love my massage chair!

– Paul P. in Denver

“I have recommended it to many friends”

“I have to tell you I had to send it back because I have a degenerative Spine disease that was aggravated by the chair. I am taking the time to write because your customer service was outstanding. They extended the 30 day trial to let me “get used to” the chair, gave me special instructions, communicated fully, and then when all else failed, handled the return of my chair with total professionalism. Bravo… 

I am so sad that that my health is so bad that even your chair could not help me, but  I have recommended it to many friends . Thanks for a great job all around.”

– Jesse Treff, Asheville, NC

“Thanks for coming out last Saturday”
“Thanks again for coming out last Saturday. I know of no other tech support person or any company that would have come out on a Saturday on such short notice.  The chair was a huge hit at our party!  Please email me your boss’ email address so I can also thank him.  I will let you know when I get my new Echo, and see how well it can control the audio in the Robo chair.”

– P. Para, San Francisco CA

“We love it so much we bought three so far”
“Thanks for your wonderful Elite Massage Chair.  Our whole family love it since we bought it. We love it so much, we bought three from you so far!”

– E. Zhang, Elite Massage Chair Review

“NO PAIN! NO NO PAIN! Are you kidding me?! Dang! I never thought!”
“Thank you Nancy,
Ken Randazzo

Ken Randazzo

Since using the Elite massage chair –  for the first time in two years since my spine injury and surgery, the pain and numbness in my left leg was alleviated!  It was really hard for me to believe – that’s why I tried the chair for 3-days before I bought, at the Costco event you guys did.  It was for real!  It was my dream come true after suffering for so many years.  Now NO PAIN!  NO NO PAIN!  Are you kidding me?!
Dang!  I never thought!  Mr. Happy :^)


– Ken Randazzo, Elite Massage Chair review

“Thanks for the tremendous customer care and being great at what you do!!”

“Hello Dane,

I just wanted to say thanks for the help in getting my chair up and running again. The fix was a piece of cake, which has been the case for anything I’ve needed from Elite Massage Chairs.  Thanks for the tremendous customer care and for being great at what you do!!

A totally satisfied customer in California”

Ron Lee

“You were nice and a tremendous help”

“I just wanted to email your company and advise you were so nice and a tremendous help for my parents [who don’t speak very good English].  Thank you so much.”

– Lilian T., Massage Chair Customer Feedback

“I appreciate the quick response”

“I appreciate the quick response I received from both Eric and Dane.  They have restored by faith in small business service.”

– Paul R., Satisfied Elite Massage Chair Customer

“We will absolutely recommend this chair to our friends and family”
“Eric, I just wanted to thank you again for providing great customer service to my husband and I. There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by without him talking about how much he loves his massage chair. We are grateful for all your patience, time and knowledge. That allowed us to make the best decision when purchasing our chair. We will absolutely recommend this chair to our friends and family.”

– Ericka S., Thank you letter
“We love our massage chair!”
“I was the one who bought an Elite Robo-Pad massage chair back in November. We love our chair!!!  Thank you for all your help and support!!!”

– Joe B., Elite Massage Chair Review
“I call the Robopad the Rolls Royce of massage chairs…they even came out the day I called.  Who does that?”
“My girlfriend and I decided to try one of the chairs we found at Elite… We both got in and didn’t move for 40 minutes. Afterwards while driving home we both agreed that we felt so much better, I decided that it was well worth the investment because I was going to get a deep quality massage everyday, and I was honest enough with myself to know that was exactly what I needed to do, to combat accumulated stress.

I call the Robopad the Rolls Royce of massage chairs.

As far as customer service, Elite massage chairs gets a big Thumbs Up.  When I needed help, they showed up in an extremely timely fashion. Replacing a motor on the spot, they even came out the day that I called.  Who does that?

For many, many years I have always wanted to get a massage chair, and it wasn’t until I sat in the Robo-Pad that I knew the time had arrived.

The technology is now so advanced that the chair pays for itself in comfort, relaxation and well being.”

– J. Mayer – Satisfied Robo-Pad owner 
“The build quality of the chair is excellent.”
“What I like most about the massage chair is the instant relief from aching muscles. The build quality of the chair is excellent. This chair is a significant step up from my previous massage chair.”

– D. Bennett, Email to Elite Massage Chairs

“It is WELL worth the investment.”
“I truly believe my massage chair from Elite will end a lot of pain in my life, and it is WELL worth the investment.  Sharing a smile and making a difference.  Thank you.”

– K. Hill

“It is a very AMAZING chair.”
“I purchased an Elite Massage Chair for my husband for Christmas – it definitely is everything it is proclaimed to be.  It is a very AMAZING chair – have nothing negative to say about it. Looking forward to many years of AWESOME massages!!!!”
– M. DaRosa, Elite Massage Chair Review
“Thank you for a fine product.”
“My Robo-Pad works great.  Thank you for a fine product.”
– Alan C., Elite Massage Chair Review
“I got the best deal for EVERYONE’S money.”
“You have been EXTREMELY helpful in this whole process. Any big purchase is nerve wrecking, but since this was money that was donated by so many others it was even more important. I wanted to make sure I got the best deal for EVERYONE’S money.
I am absolutely sure my Dad will be so excited to relax in this chair and it will definitely help soothe his muscles from effects of his Parkinson’s.
Please forward this email to your supervisor. I have to vouch for one of their best employees. If you are the president/owner of the business, I’m not surprised because you definitely act as if you are through your customer service.”

Thanks again!

– Naomi, Email review to Elite Massage Chairs

“Everything I wanted and more.”
“I just had to let you know how happy I am with this chair, it is everything I wanted and more. The automatic massage programs are the greatest and so relaxing. I am happy with the compact size, color and design. It fits perfect in my bedroom and went right in the spot where my old Panasonic was.
I was attracted to this chair over a year ago and periodically shopped to see if any compared or that I might like better, there was nothing. The style is attractive and looks more like an actual chair, that’s a big factor. You have a really nice product.
Thanks for all your help.”

– Zorina, Temecula, CA

“Approximates a human massage better than any chair”
“The massage offered by your product approximates a human massage better than any chair I’ve tried. It is certainly the strongest massage available in a product such as this. The vinyl has a very expensive, leather like look and feel; and the styling in attractive in a conventionally modern sense.”
– Greg Holt
“You have made an ailing Vietnam veteran very happy”
“You made my father, an ailing Vietnam veteran, very happy and just in time for Veteran’s day.
I appreciate his efforts and the efforts of his excellent support personnel. (You!)
I’ll be ordering my chair for Christmas!”
– Reggie J.
“You backed up the warranty.”
Thanks a million for following up on the support call last week. John, the technician, came today and finally the chair is working on all counts. I’m so happy to discover how reputably you backed up the warranty, which will, of course, be a factor in my next purchase of a massage chair. Hopefully, this one will last the full five years and then it will be time for an upgrade.


“I hope his attention to customer service is duly noted.”
Thank you for the belated, but much appreciated delivery of the massage chair. I wanted to mention that Dillon was especially helpful with the delivery. He was alert to maneuvering the chair into the house and to mention the important things about the wrench and fuses. He was also helpful to corral the voluminous packing material to the side of the house. I hope this mention of his attention to the customer is duly noted. Thank you.
– Theresa Tosaya
“Only thing that keeps me going”
“20 minutes in my chair a few times a day is the only thing that keeps me going on some “bad” days!!
Thank you.”
– Ed Gunther
“I can’t believe it only took two days!!!!”
– Bob Pelz
“Worth every penny.”
“We were extremely pleased with how comfortable the chair was and how easy it was to relax. The workmanship and feel of the material of the chair exceeded our expectations. We use it regularly and, while on a two week vacation, it was the one thing we missed the most.It was a Christmas present for my husband [relaxing above] and I had a price in mind when checking on-line for a massage chair.
After looking at all the features on this chair compared to what I initially was willing to purchase (this chair was $1,000 more than what I originally was going to spend), my husband stated he was glad I spent the extra money – worth every penny!!!”
– Diane Colescott
“Nothing has helped more than your massage chair.”
“I bought the massage chair for my wife who has been professionally diagnosed with a “herniated disc”. The pain builds throughout the day until in the evening when she comes home it is almost unbearable. She has had three steroid injections to alleviate the swelling and pain but nothing has helped more than your massage chair. Within two minutes of reclining in it the pain just vanishes. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Phil Thomson
“You provided a great product on time”
“I bought this chair for my husband and he has used it almost every day since its arrival in March 2005. The service was extremely good. The chair arrived at the time quoted and all the personnel I spoke with were very helpful and courteous. You provided a great product on time and at a good price.”
– Janet McDaniel 
“The whole process from beginning to end was great”
“This is a great chair. All that you would expect in a good quality chair. I was especially pleased with the quality and color of the leather. It works so well with the rest of my furniture and I am able to keep it in the living room. The whole process from beginning to end was great. Very professional from the people that helped me order to the shipping company. The chair was back ordered and you kept me posted as to the expected date. Good communication!”
– Kathy Mele
“I have recommended it to many friends”
“Returned Chair: I have to tell you I had to send it back because I have a degenerative Spine disease that was aggravated by the chair. I am taking the time to write because your customer service was outstanding. They extended the 30 day trial to let me “get used to” the chair, gave me special instructions, communicated fully, and then when all else failed, handled the return of my chair with total professionalism. Bravo.
I actually tried Panasonic at a Brookstone, and there was no comparison. Functionally and from a decor point of view, your chair won hands down… and I did my research! I am so sad that that my health is so bad that even your chair could not help me, but I have recommended it to many friends . Thanks for a great job all around.”
– Jesse Treff, Asheville, NC
“I use it every night before bed, and I fall asleep immediately”
“I absolutely love my massage chair. It will give a vigorous massage, if you choose, which is what I really like. It only takes 15 minutes to lose all the stress in my back. I use it every night before bed, and I fall asleep immediately; that is, if I don’t fall asleep in the chair first! The value is great. It would have cost about $900 more at a retail store.
It was easy to set up, and I haven’t had any problems with it. I recommend it to everyone. My sister ordered one without even trying mine. Now she asks, “What did we do without it?” She says she tries to figure out how to take it with her when she leaves home!”
– Sandra Sheen
“This is the missing link to my health and well being”
“This chair is great. I use it every day. I believe this is the missing link to my health and well being. I do aerobic exercise and strength training and this completes the cycle to help my recovery. Thank you for the great service and on time delivery.”
– Nico de Haan
“The heat option works miracles”
“The reclining back and adjustable foot massage is wonderful, a great stress reducer. It looks and feels like leather, and the heat option works miracles on a cold New Jersey day.”
– Wendy Girardin
“Overall improvement in well being”
“The strength is very adequate and helps relieve stress after a long day at work. Overall improvement in well being is felt after using the chair regularly. The appearance is attractive and not too bulky. The chair is an attractive value in comparison to the other chairs out on the market. All in all, a great buy!”
– Nicholas Ragone
“The massage chair makes my day a lot easier”
“This chair has been god send. I work in the construction industry and am nearing retirement age. I still work hard every day and it is starting to take a toll on my body. The massage chair makes my day a lot easier to absorb.”
– Ron Buckley Sr.
“This massage chair is awesome.”
“I like the program massages. If it wasn’t for work, kids and school I would use it way too much. This massage chair is awesome. My average use is 5 hours a week and like the heat that it gives off. It is relaxing and after my tennis work out this chair does my muscles wonders.”
– Terry DeLorenzo
“I have little or no lower back pain”
“I run the auto program two times a day…….I have found that if I have a session before I play golf, my back is much more relaxed and I have little or no lower back pain while playing…..My final session of the day is just prior to bedtime; I sleep much better and have not experienced sciatica since I began the sessions….Thanks.”
– Allen Mroski
“We fight over it!”
“This chair is THE BOMB!!! We fight over it! I bought it for my husband for his birthday, but my 2 sons , my daughter, and I are in in just as much as he is. About a month ago, I had a chest cold that I couldn’t shake, and the only place I could sleep was in that chair. That zero gravity feature is so comfortable.”
– Donna Parker
“A great asset to our home.”
“This massage chair has proved to be a great asset to our home. My husband loves to lay in it before he goes to bed. It has just the right intensity where you need it. We would definitely recommend this chair to anyone looking for a massage chair.”
– Tonya Tippetts
“Thank you Elite!”
“My 92-year old father LOVES his massage chair, and so does his 96-year old sister!  Thank you Elite!”

– Vivica H., San Francisco, CA

“A wonderful gift that the whole family could enjoy.”
“We received our chair just before Christmas. Christmas day, all the family members talked about “Riding the Chair”! It was such a wonderful gift that the whole family could enjoy. Many of them made jokes about taking a “ride to the moon” on it!
What a great experience and it really does the job very well. We often use it at night after a hard days work and it helps us relax so we can fall asleep. The massage is very strong and it really does feel like the rollers are 2 foot wide. The stroke is wonderful and we love the vibration options.”
– Steven Monsone
“A good investment for anyone seeking deep tissue massage.”
I really like the strength of massage the chair offers. Without the foam dampeners, the massage is very intense. The range of massage is very good, working the entire spine. The therapy the chair provides, in my opinion, makes it a good investment for anyone seeking deep tissue massage or less intense relaxation. The chair has a nice, clean look and a solid feel to it. I would recommend it to my friends seeking a higher quality of life.

-Jon Allen

“I leave the chair refreshed and ready to work again.”
“My husband and I both use our massage chair once a day. We both have jobs that require a lot of sitting and desk work, and by the end of the day our shoulders are tight and painful. I like to have a 15-30 minute massage when I take my lunch break as I work at home. The massage eases the tired muscles in my shoulder, relaxes me (I often fall asleep) and I leave the chair refreshed and ready to work again.
My husband will sit in the chair when he gets home from work. His job is high stress combined with desk work and the minutes spent having the tension eased out of his back help him to relax and switch gears from work to home. Both of us have less shoulder pain now and require less chiropractic adjustment than we did before.”

– Susan Yanaros

“Will have you asleep in 15 minutes!”
My wonderful wife bought me your massage chair for my birthday – what a gift! The “Relax” mode will have you asleep in 15 minutes!

– Kirk Conole 

“Physical therapist….said it does exactly what she does in her sessions”
“This is the best chair ever! The strength of massage is not for the wimpy (but can be toned down with included padding for the less tough). I can’t count the number of times that I have fallen asleep after a great massage from this chair. I had a physical therapist that I know try it out. She said it does exactly what she does in her sessions. She also said it was the closest thing to a therapeutic massage that she has ever tried!
My brother and dad each have a different type of chair and there is no comparison … they are jealous! It doesn’t take to many professional massages to add up to the price of this chair, and I get a massage EVERY DAY! This chair sits in my office and fits right in with the decor. I highly recommend this chair to everyone!”

– Mark King

“Chair helps the pain”
“I have a bad neck and back and the chair helps the pain, and loosens me up. The massage felt better than the other chairs I looked at, and price online was 300 to 400 dollars less.”

– William James

“Amazed at the quality and effects of the massage given.”
“Everyone who comes over and uses the chair is amazed at the quality and effects of the massage given. The family is forming a line to use the chair every night. We are ecstatic about our purchase!”

– Arthur Canales

“Massage that seems to hit all the key areas in my back”
“The automatic programs are wonderful at providing a complete and well thought out massage that seems to hit all the key areas in my back and neck. I particularly like the way it comes up and squeezes my neck just above the shoulders.”

– Richard Randall

“Well worth it considering the price of a professional massage.”
“I am a 58 year old woman who rides and tends to several horses on my farm. I also do a lot of shoveling and lifting every day and I find my massage chair really helps loosen my tight shoulder and back muscles. I use it almost daily to keep from accumulating soreness and tension in these areas. The price of the chair was well worth it considering the price of a professional massage.”

– Barbara Daugert

A sincere thank you from Elite Massage Chairs to the BEST customers for all these wonderful massage chair reviews!
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