Daylight Savings and Massage Chairs

I don’t know about you, but daylight savings time always sneaks up on me. Twice a year I catch a reminder on TV or the radio, and make a mental note. Fortunately our mobile phones make the adjustment automatically, so at least those that use our phone as an alarm clock are safe from sleeping in; but of course there’s always that dread of remembering how to operate the clock on the microwave…

But did you know that aside from being a minor inconvenience, Daylight Saving Time (DST) messes with our body? We did a little research and found a handful of studies that have attempted to focus on how this seemingly small 1-hour time change can actually impact your health.  Of course being in the business of massage chairs, we wondered how a massage chair can help counteract the effects of daylight savings time.

You may have heard of the term “circadian rhythm.”   Think of it as an internal 24-hour clock that drives internal body processes based on the light-dark cycle. It’s not just us humans that react to light and dark – plants, fungi and certain bacteria also react to this external input. For us, the light-dark cycle triggers our natural sleep patterns.

DST bluesChanging our clocks doesn’t create extra daylight per se, but it does shift the time of day that the sun rises and sets – which we use to manage our daily activities and sleep patterns. So a sudden change that alters our normal pattern inherently surprises our internal clock.  On March 11th this year, setting our clocks forward one hour for the Spring means one less hour of sleep the morning of the 12th. A minor inconvenience perhaps, but this even slight lack of sleep can have negative impact on our underlying health.

These consequences were surprising. They included studies that showed an increase risk of heart attack in the first 3-weeks after the spring DST adjustment.  Traffic accidents show a slight bump on the Monday following the start of daylight savings. Even workplace injuries increased on the Monday following DST. Yikes – all this to save a few hours of daylight.

Can a massage chair help counteract the effects of daylight savings time?

As to helping you sleep better, massage has long been proven to help. A 20-minute session in a massage chair can help insomnia, reduce pain and anxiety, and help restore your sleep pattern after daylight savings time adjusts the clock.

Physical massage alone is beneficial, and this benefit is increased by an order of magnitude when combined with Braintronics programs in a massage chair. Currently we have two distinct Braintronics programs aimed directly at helping you get a better night’s sleep.

Deep Sleep (A5 on your remote control)

This is a program designed for immediately prior to bedtime, combining white noise including babbling brook and rainfall, with brainwave frequency entrainment designed to send you off to bed ready to fall into the deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Better Sleep (A7 on your remote control)

This program also designed for those who have trouble falling asleep is one of or guided series – incorporating brainwave synchronization for a deep state of relaxation with gentle voice over to guide you through proven visualization techniques for the treatment of chronic insomnia.


Along with promoting deep sleep, which is where the restorative process occurs, a therapeutic massage takes it to a whole new level of relaxation, and can help you find a better night’s sleep to counteract the effects of daylight savings time.

You can also combine these Braintronics sleep programs with other healthy tips to help boost your productivity despite DST. These include setting your alarm to wake up a little earlier than usual on the Friday and Saturday before the daylight savings time adjustment, which will make it a little easier to get out of bed Monday morning.  Also eat a healthy breakfast first thing Monday – to trigger your body to realize its time to start the day. Get outside soon after you wake up to expose your body quickly to light – which helps align your circadian rhythm.

Don’t let daylight savings get you down this year – think about a massage chair as a great antidote to the initial adjustment to the lost hour of sleep due to DST.  And long after daylight savings time, you’ll be healthier and happier with the benefits of daily massage, right in your own home.

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