Panasonic EP-MA73 - Elite Massage Chairs

The MA73 Massage Chair


The quintessential evolution of the Panasonic massage chair. The MA73 is the latest generation of the RealPro Ultra-3D mechanism, for a smoother, deeper and more life-like massage.  The MA73 increases the number of auto massage and stretching programs, doubles the number of massage movements, adds ceramic feet heaters, and features upgraded dual-zone arm kneading. Simply the most extraordinary Panasonic massage chair designed.

The EP-MA73

$8,999.00 $7,999.00

The natural progression of years of  Panasonic design and engineering.  The MA-73 was engineered to function as a recliner while also providing a professional massage experience with its innovative hideaway leg rest, and lift-away arm massage units exposing kneading and Acupressure massage.  Precision body scanning with pressure detection measures over 1,000 acupoints in the neck, shoulders and back, providing a tailored personalized massage.

The MA-73 also integrates heated rollers, an ultra-kneading program, and full body air coverage the work in concert for a rejuvenating and therapeutic experience.

As far as “fit and finish” and pure visual design, the MA-73 presents perhaps the most elegant profile of any chair on the market, with an attention to detailed workmanship unique in the massage chair category.
Standard delivery included
3 year parts and labor warranty included 

40 Years of Massage Engineering

Acupoint Targeting system for invigorating massage

Body Scan creating a virtual map of your back for precision touch

Micro Processor-driven kneading and Shiatsu 

Heated Rollers simulating the warmth of human hands and muscle tension relief

Rotating Ottoman for blending into home decor, and for utilization of a recliner in between massage sessions



Brushless motor-driven 3D massage system and remarkably smooth direct up/down/left/right/front/back movements

Ultra soft headrest and unique lifting armrests to access kneading and Acupressure for the arms and hands

Is the MA73 right for you?

ep-ma73ku_black_frontBuy the MA73 if you are seeking a 3-D massage chair with perhaps the most elegant external design with the look and feel of a traditional recliner, including hidden arm massage units and reversible footrest.  Buyers are typically drawn to Panasonic’s long position as a leading massage chair manufacturer and Japanese roots. This chair is a comprehensive full-body massage chair, with smooth mechanics, movement and feel.

Panasonic is a household name due to a well-known electronics portfolio, and many buyers are drawn to a strong brand name, and in this case a truly premium, high-end massage chair.


Panasonic MA73 Auto Massage Programs

Light, revitalizing massage utilizing tapping. Perfect for a quick pick-me-up.
Soothing massage that kneads and loosens tired, stiff muscles.
Deep tissue massage simulating thumb pressure applied. Penetrates and revitalizes sore muscles.
Sophisticated torso and pelvic technique while air cells loosen the trunk muscles.
Stimulating yet soothing course that relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles.
Lower Back
Focusing on the lower and middle back. Perfect after a long day at work or play.



Manual Massage Techniques:

Ultra Kneading, Shiatsu, Kneading, Swedish, Rolling, Tapping.

MA73 Specs

The Panasonic MA73 is a versatile, 3D full-body massage chair delivering a professional massage experience, while also designed to function as an attractive recliner, with innovative hideaway leg rest and foldaway arm massage channels.  RealPro Ultra 3D mechnism, ceramic feet heaters, precision body scanning, and beautiful fit and finish in craftsmanship make the MA73 one of the truly premium massage chairs on the market today.
  • Model #: EP-MA73
  • MSRP: $8,999
  • Dimensions – Upright: 35.4″W x 48″L x 45.3″H
  • Dimensions – Fully Reclined: 35.4″W x 79.6″L x 26″H
  • User Height Range: 4’8” to 6’2”
  • User Weight Limit: 264 lbs.
  • Power: 120V AC / 60Hz / 300 Watts
  • Heat Consumption: 23 Watts
  • Program Length: 16 minutes
  • Back Massage Coverage:  207 square inches
  • Air Massage Coverage: 1,066 square inches
  • 7 automatic massage programs
  • Manual massage controls
  • Total airbags: 33
  • Upholstery: Synthetic leather
  • Chair weight (Net): 191 lbs.
  • Weight in box: 218 lbs.

Supported from the USA the Panasonic MA73 is a premium massage chair.

Use for leg and foot massage, or simply a perfect footrest!

Unique "flippable" ottoman

Use for leg and foot massage, or simply a perfect footrest!
Luxurious warming feel, just like human hands

Heated Rollers

Luxurious warming feel, just like human hands
Side-mounted to the armrest, push button massage techniques

Intuitive Remote Control

Side-mounted to the armrest, push button massage techniques

3-Year Panasonic Massage Chair Warranty


Peace of mind comes from knowing your EP-MA73 is protected with the Panasonic 3-year parts and labor warranty.


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