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The Brio Massage Chair


Truly cutting-edge: Combining L-track with 3D depth.  This means the Brio provides coverage from neck to hamstrings, with massage hands that reach deeply into muscle tissue for an extraordinary massage experience.  Programmed in the USA with ten expertly choreographed massages, the Brio also offers hundreds of manual massage combinations to fit your needs from a massage chair.

Some chairs have 3D. Some have L-track.  The Brio delivers both.

The Brio

$5,999.00 $4,999.00

peMassage chair preferred by the 2018 Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.
Breaking new ground, the Brio integrates 3D depth with L-track design for optimal depth and reach.  If you don’t know massage chairs, know that this is a truly special and unique combination.  Intelligent Soft-3D mechanism adapts the depth of massage throughout each session to the curve of the back, ensuring optimal feel and intensity for lifelike sensation.  Long rolling massage stroke delivers coverage from the neck to the gluteus muscles, ensuring reach to the sciatica that is so often the source of lower back pain.   Add automatic body scanning, full body air massage, gentle foot rollers, infrared heating in the lower back and calves, Zero-G and Zero-Space recline, and you have a top-of-the-line massage chair ready for years of luxurious massage.

Cradled in supple synthetic leather, with each session in the Brio you’ll be on the trip of your dreams.
Standard delivery included
3 Year parts and labor warranty included




Premium Features

Intelligent Soft 3D massage mechanism

L-track design for massage from neck to gluteus muscles

Automatic Body Scanning for adapted massage

Full Body Air Massage function

Gentle stimulating Foot Rollers

Infrared Heating in Lumbar region and calves

True Zero-Gravity at the press of a button

Wall Hugging Design requires on 4″ from wall

Superb Value


Is the Brio right for you?

brio_beige_front_ex_1024x690Buy the Brio if you are seeking the combination of two key massage chair design elements:  3-D massage depth and L-track reach.  Buyers are also typically looking for a solid massage chair value; premium features at an attractive price point. This chair is a comprehensive full-body massage chair, with relaxing and smooth mechanics, movement and feel.

The Brio is also luxurious in fit and finish, designed as a chair that cradles you in supple materials to accentuate the relaxing infrared heating elements in the lower back and calves.



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What’s even better than peace of mind knowing you can enjoy luxurious massage in your Brio every day?  How about the peace of mind from Elite’s 60-day money-back guarantee?

If the Brio doesn’t exceed your expectations with its exquisite 3D+L-track design, custom-choreographed massages, and enveloping supple ergonomics; simply call Elite between 61 and 90 days after receiving your Brio, and you can return it, no questions asked. 

We’re so sure you’ll love this massage chair, we want to make it as easy as possible to take the leap with our incentive for you to choose the remarkable Brio. 

Greatness, guaranteed.

Brio Specs

The Brio is a new entrant to the massage chair space with a feature combination long sought both by designers of massage chairs, as well as discriminating buyers.  3D massage combined with L-track internal frame design for longer massage reach makes the Brio stand apart.  And all the bells and whistles you expect from a premium, top of the line massage chair.

  • Model #: Brio
  • MSRP: $5,999
  • Chair Width: 33.5″ 
  • Chair Height: 48″ 
  • Chair Length when upright:  59″
  • Chair Length when reclined: 80″ 
  • Chair Weight in box:  317 lbs (2 cartons)
  • Power requirements 120 Volts AC / 60 Hertz
  • Breakaway power cord safety feature
  • Chair covering:  Synthetic Leather
  • User Weight Limit 265 lbs.
  • User Height Range:  5’0″-6’5″
  • Number of Motors:  6
  • Number of Air Pumps:  2
  • Handheld Remote Control (wired)
  • Pre-Programmed Massage Sessions:  10
  • Manual Massage types:  9
  • Airbags:  56
  • Heating elements: Lower back and lower legs
  • Made in China

Supported from the USA.





3-Year Brio Massage Chair Warranty


Peace of mind comes from knowing your Brio is protected with a  3-year parts and labor warranty.


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