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The Betasonic Massage Chair

Designed for relaxing, dream-inducing massage combined with Braintronics®. If you prefer a lighter touch in your massage the Betasonic was specifically engineered for you. This smooth touch is enabled by a unique 4-hand roller design; each is over-sized, super soft, and molded to deliver 16 points of contact with the body. The Betasonic also built around an L-track for neck to hamstrings reach, utilizes vertical arm & hand compression for ultimate comfort, and includes our revolutionary Braintronics® technology.

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The Betasonic


Outfitted with all the features of top-of-the-line massage chairs, and an unbeatable price make the Betasonic a superb value.  L-track for 38 inches of luxurious massage stroke, Zero-Gravity, Zero-Space (can be placed 2″from wall), foot reflexology rollers, full-body Acupressure, arm & hand massage in unique vertical and retractable compression cuffs, integrated heat, and exclusive Braintronics® technology.

Plus your Betasonic comes with the peace of mind you get from our full 5-year warranty at no additional cost.




Dream-Inducing Machine

Unique Anti-Fatigue Program

Thai Stretching

Sleep button leaves you undisturbed at the conclusion of massage

Pause button for serene Zero-Gravity recline only

Luxuriating & Fatigue-melting heat in back, arms & lower legs

Full-body or Lower-body massage only for a “just right” experience

Premium Noise-Cancelling Headphones Option

Unique "vertical" arm massage cuffs that gently open and close around the forearm for relaxing

Unique “vertical” arm massage cuffs that gently open and close around the forearm for relaxing & recuperative Acupressure.

Kneading, Rolling, Tapping & Backstretch massage techniques

Japanese Shiatsu

Adjustable intensity foot reflexology

6 fully automatic massage programs, each with variable duration

Intelligent Body Scan

How Does Braintronics® Work?

Your brain is an electrical organ. It is a highly complex machine composed of nerve cells, or neurons, connected to each other via synapses or neural pathways that deliver information via electro-chemical impulses. These impulses create an electromagnetic field with frequencies varying between 1 and 40 hertz (Hz), or cycles per second.  These impulses as a whole, represented graphically, form a sequence of wave formations, or “brain waves.

Braintronics® synchronizes these brain waves using audio c_beta_details6546stimulation.  To do this doesn’t require music, however we’ve combined the technology with relaxing sounds and music to create an even more relaxed, spa-like atmosphere.  Combining this audio stimulation with specially designed massage programming, you are able to instantly relax, which improving attentiveness and mental performance after the massage is completed, while gaining all of the physical benefits of massage.

Over time, the more sessions you spend in your massage chair, the more the synapses and nerve branches learn to form these new connections enabling you the deal with stress more effectively, overcome anxiety, and become more balanced and able to focus on difficult physical or mental tasks.

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Each Braintronics program is structured into 3 phases:



Each program has a distinct treatment objective, allowing you to choose the one you need at any moment, and combined with custom massage routines to achieve optimal MIND & BODY therapy and recovery.  
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Want even more detail on Braintronics, and the science behind it?

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Is the Betasonic right for you?


Buy the Betasonic if you prefer a lighter, more relaxing touch to your massage, and are intrigued by the powerful mind-body connection.  Buyers of the Betasonic will be seeking the very latest massage chair innovations such as L-track design, Zero-G and Zero Space.  They’ll appreciate all the designed elements to create the most relaxing massage experience possible, including subtle touches such as the “sleep” and “pause” functions, generous padding, and vertical armrests,

If you are seeking a massage experience for deep relaxation, anxiety and stress relief, and a spectrum of physical and mental benefits from our innovative Braintronics technology, the Betasonic is designed for you.

Elite Casada Betasonic

Elite Casada Betasonic

Betasonic Specs

Part of the Casada line from Elite, the Betasonic is thoughtfully designed to be our most relaxing massage chair, for a gentler, smoother full-body massage, and for the healing benefits of optional brainwave frequency programs.

L-Track enables massage from the base of the skull to buttocks and hamstrings, or 38 inch rolling massage stroke

Distinctive 4-roller massage hands designed for smoother touch – over-sized, super soft, and unique split design for 16 points of contact

Acupressure Massage with three variable pressure settings, delivered via 22 total airbags include 12 in the arms and feet

Softer, more relaxing massage experience – generous over-sized head cushion, and removable internal padding in the back if a stronger, more intense massage is desired

Unique vertical forearm and hand massage design, with retractable airbags that gently encase the arms for outstanding Acupressure

Zero-Space ergonomics allows you to position the chair less than 2″ from the wall even in full recline

Two Zero-Gravity body positions for ultimate comfort

8 pre-set Automatic Massage programs

Heating elements in back, arms, and lower legs

Independent control of the Acupressure (feet/calves, arms, shoulders, or combinations of the above)

3-setting speed control

Three-setting massage hand width adjustments for optimal feel

Integrated jack allowing you to play your favorite music or utilize the built in Braintronics® technology only available in Elite Massage Chairs.


Betasonic Dimensions


  • Upright: 30″W x 52″T x 47″L
  • Reclined:  30″W x 28″T x 67″L


  • 44″W x  33″T x 50″L
  • Weight in box:  275 lbs.


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Easy to use for anyone

Innovative New Remote Control

Easy to use for anyone
Elegant, flowing lines

Our Newest Massage Chair Design

Elegant, flowing lines
Synchronizing Brainwave activity with Audio Stimulation and Specialized Massage Programming

The Mind-Body Connection

Synchronizing Brainwave activity with Audio Stimulation and Specialized Massage Programming
Set as close at 2" from the wall, and STILL FULLY RECLINE

Zero Space Design!

Set as close at 2″ from the wall, and STILL FULLY RECLINE
Four-part design for each area of the feet.

Extraordinary Betasonic Reflexology

Four-part design for each area of the feet.
Heal Your Body. Improve Your Mind.

A Whole New Massage Chair Experience

Heal Your Body. Improve Your Mind.
Zero-G weightlessness and optimal comfort

Inspired by NASA

Zero-G weightlessness and optimal comfort
Full-featured at a fraction of the cost!

Full Array of Advanced Massage Techniques

Full-featured at a fraction of the cost!

The Best Massage Chair Warranty in the Industry



Enjoy peace of mind knowing your Betasonic is protected, with the Elite Massage Chairs 5-year parts and labor warranty.  This is the most comprehensive massage chair warranty available and we stand behind it!


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