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The Alphasonic Massage Chair

Deep, therapeutic 4-roller massage with L-track design for sciatica and hamstring reach, plus revolutionary Braintronics™ meditation programs.  The Alphasonic improves your physical and mental performance by relieving soreness and muscle fatigue, reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, and enabling mindful mediation via brainwave synchronization.  Unique ratcheting shoulder airbags press 6 inches vertically to deliver unmatched massage depth in a 2D mechanism.  3 Zero-G positions and extraordinary 3-part foot rollers round out this remarkable massage chair.

The Alphasonic


Super-long 40 inches of massage reach fully down the buttocks and hamstrings, and pivoting 4-roller massage hands with soft silicone to mimic the feel of human hands for life-like quality set the Alphasonic apart.  Unique adjustable shoulders and powerful airbags push vertically over 6 inches enabling deeper massage and a custom fit to any body type.  The massage hands provide the most width adjustment to pinpoint muscle knots, including narrow spinal massage.  The comprehensive foot reflexology includes Achilles tendon massage, plus penetrating infrared back heat for improved relaxation and circulation. 

“Zero-Space” recline allows you to position the chair right against the wall, a unique child safety feature for peach of mind, and 3-stage Zero-G body positioning creates a perfect cradle for ultimate relaxation and blood flow .  

Add integrated Braintronics™  programs that align your brainwaves naturally and safely to a deep state of mindful meditation, and this massage chair is a revelation in making you better both physically and mentally.

Purchase with confidence with a 5-year warranty – included at no extra cost – protecting your Alphasonic for years to come.





Mindful meditation in Minutes

Improve Concentration

Improve Sleep

Increase Mental & Physical Performance

Improve Creative Output

Increase Stress Resistance

Gain Positive Energy and Vitality

Find Calmness and Peace

New Braintronics Program Released Regularly

Braintronics Headphones Option

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How does Braintronics work?

Massage is as much emotional as physical. Braintronics makes massage BETTER by enabling deeper states of relaxation, enhancing the physical massage for increased benefits.

If you’ve ever wanted to meditate, but weren’t sure how, Braintronics makes it easy. Anyone can now achieve mindful meditation in minutes, while getting luxurious full-body massage.  The result:  Improved mental and physical performance.

Braintronics™ synchronizes brain waves using audio stimulation..  To do this doesn’t require music, however we’ve combined relaxing sounds, music, and positive messaging in a variety of programs for a wonderful sensory experience.  This audio is combined with specially designed massage programming. 

Braintronics™ initiates in the Beta frequencies (14-30 Hz) which are the wavelengths you experience when fully awake and alert. Next the programs gently direct your brain waves into slightly lower Alpha frequencies (7-14 Hz) which are those generated when you are calm, then into Theta waves (3-7 Hz), which are the wavelengths achieved when in a deep state of mindful meditation.

Over time, the more sessions you spend in your Alphasonic massage chair, the more the synapses and nerve branches learn to form these new connections, enabling you the deal with stress more effectively, overcome anxiety, and become more balanced and able to focus on difficult physical or mental tasks.



Is the Alphasonic right for you?

Buy this chair if you believe mental and physical health are connected. Buyers tendalphasonic-grey-full to seek a stronger massage for pain and stress relief, and the most advanced features such as deep massage that reaches into the lower back, buttocks and hamstrings, adjustable shoulders for those households with variable body sizes, Zero-Gravity recline, and Zero Space.  They are also drawn to Braintronics™ for stress relief and improved mental performance.  Braintronics make it easy for anyone to practice mindful meditation every day.

If you are seeking a state-of-the-art massage chair for a spectrum of physical and mental benefits, the Alphasonic is the right massage chair for you.

Braintronics® Programs Overview

Braintronics™ is a state-of-the-art technology adding a powerful new dimension to massage chairs, helping you live a healthier and happier life. Each Braintronics™ program lasts 21 minutes. Research has shown that 3 weeks of brainwave entrainment has lasting positive effects when combined with targeted stimuli.

Programs are structured into 3 phases, combined with custom massage routines allowing you to achieve a state of mindful meditation with simultaneous body therapy and recovery:




Available Braintronics™ Programs

A1  :  De-Stress

A program to transform the mind into a sense of calm, relieve anxiety and worry, and promote peace of mind. Part of our guided series, with gentle voice over designed to help you deal more effectively with daily stress.

A2  :  Improve Focus

A program to increase regular productivity and focus for tasks, upcoming work or personal challenges, or sports performance.  Part of our guided series, with gentle voice over to enhance and optimize focus even after program completion, this program can also be effective for ADHD or ADD conditions.

A3  :  De-Compress

A program designed for mental and physical recover from normal daily work routines.  Part of our guided series with gentle voice over, this program can be highly effective after high physical or mental exertion such as study, work, or strenuous exercise.

A4  :  Muscle-Therapy

A program to reinvigorate muscles and relieve soreness, while achieving a state of extremely deep relaxation.  Accompanied by music and natural sound effects, the program is ideal in treating muscle pain whether chronic or temporary.





Want even more detail on Braintronics, and the science behind it?

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Massage Chair Innovation


Nearly 40 inches of rolling massage stroke – from neck to glutes

Zero Gravity for the ultimate comfort & circulation

Adjustable shoulder airbags for optimal body fit

Super strong Acupressure for deeper therapeutic massage than other chairs

Carbon Infrared Heat Therapy

Zero-Space design allows chair to be placed less than 2″ from wall

Exclusive brainwave synchronization technology


Custom Braintronics noise-cancelling headphones are available as a purchase option with the Alphasonic.

Custom Braintronics noise-cancelling headphones are available as a purchase option with the Alphasonic.

Alphasonic Features

The Alphasonic is thoughtfully designed with premium features, in an elegant exterior design for optimal beauty and placement in the home.

Premium noise-cancelling stereo headphones for the ultimate Braintronics experience are available as an optional purchase to Alphasonic customers at an exclusive discount.
Body Scanning technology for customized massage for each individual
4 automatic “push button” massage programs: Deep Massage on Pressure Points, Circulation Enhancement, Upper Body Therapy, Lower Body Therapy
Manual massage programs including Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, Scraping (or Gua Sha), and 3 variable speeds
2 Memory Functions for saving your favorite massages and your distinct body scan
Pivoting 4-roller massage hand design to mimic life-like massage, and most width range adjustability to pinpoint knots
Arthrosis Traction via gentle stretching of the legs and Acupressure
Adjustable shoulder units for deeper massage and custom body fit
L-Track design for massage from the base of the skull to buttocks and hamstrings
Innovative Zero Space allowing you to position chair only 2″ from the wall!
Acupressure Massage with 3 variable air pressure settings, 28 airbags
Sole roller carbon infrared heating elements
Lumbar carbon infrared heating elements at 104° F
Safety Shield child safety feature incorporates pressure-detecting sensors to stop all functions
3 Zero Gravity body positions for ultimate comfort and circulation
Extendable footrest allowing up to 6″ of height adjustment
5-year warranty, supported from the USA by dedicated staff



 Alphasonic Specifications:

  • Weight of chair = 206 lbs. (carefully engineered for easy movement of chair)
  • Weight of chair in box (with all packing materials) = 249 lbs.
  • Dimensions (upright) = Length 58″ x Width 31.5″ x Height 35.5″
  • Dimensions (full recline, footrest highest position) = Length 70″ x Width 31.5″ x Height 37″
  • Maximum User Weight = 270 lbs.
  • Installation requirements: Attach Footrest and Remote Control



Easy to use for all massage functions, and one-button activation of Braintronics.

Intuitive Massage Controls

Easy to use for all massage functions, and one-button activation of Braintronics.
Industry-leading materials, finishes, and craftsmanship

Exquisite, Elegant Design

Industry-leading materials, finishes, and craftsmanship
Synchronizing Brainwave activity with Audio Stimulation and Specialized Massage Programming

The Mind-Body Connection

Synchronizing Brainwave activity with Audio Stimulation and Specialized Massage Programming
Can be placed anywhere. Takes up less space than a recliner.

Zero Space

Can be placed anywhere. Takes up less space than a recliner.
Add Sennheiser premium noise-canceling headphones for optimal brainwave synchronization only $99

Optional Premium Noise-Cancelling Stereo Headphones

Add Sennheiser premium noise-canceling headphones for optimal brainwave synchronization only $99
FDA Registered Medical Device

FDA Registered Medical Device

Own what all the others will be chasing.


Own what all the others will be chasing.
Alphasonic has 12 years of USA experience behind it.

Feel Confident

Alphasonic has 12 years of USA experience behind it.

Your Warranty = Peace of Mind



Your Alphasonic is protected by a 5-year parts and labor warranty, including one full year of in-home free service


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