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Massage Chair BEST Price Guarantee

Massage Chair BEST Price Guarantee

Find the same new massage chair at another online store at a better price?  We’ll match it.


How our massage chair BEST PRICE guarantee works:

Simply send us an email or give us a call toll-free at 800-592-0548 ext. 1 and tell us the competitor’s price on the same new massage chair you found on Elite, and where it is being offered.  We’ll confirm the price is valid, and we will match it.

You can either order your new chair over the phone at that price, or we can provide a promo code for you to utilize on our shopping cart.  It’s that easy!

Any fine print?  Some, but we think you’ll find these perfectly reasonable:

  • Our price match guarantee only applies to new chairs, not refurbished.  However, the prices on our factory refurbished massage chairs are the best in the industry.
  • Available for sales in the USA only, and for shipments to the continental US.
  • If sales tax is applicable to the state you live in, we’ll still need to add that to the matched price.
  • Our guarantee takes into account the cost of the chair and the applicable shipping costs, if this is necessary to match the price.
  • Price matches are good for 48 hours, to accommodate competitor time-sensitive discounts or other special promotions.
WHO you buy your massage chair from is just as important as WHICH chair you buy.  For over 15 years Elite has provided the best customer service and support in the industry.


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Massage Chair Delivery Options

Massage Chair Delivery Options

elite massage chair delivery options

You’ve done your research, decided on the massage chair you’ve always wanted, and found the company you want to do business with. Only one question remains:  What are your massage chair delivery options, and which one is best for you?


Choosing the right massage chair delivery option for you comes down to two primary considerations:

1. Budget
2. Amount of help you desire getting the massage chair into your home and set up

As the #2 above, the good news is that all massage chairs sold by Elite are easy to assemble, and you can quickly access step-by-step instructions. Still, you are still dealing with a chair that weight in excess of 200 lbs., and perhaps you’ve picked a spot in your upstairs bedroom for your massage chair – so you may want some help.  No matter your budget, needs or concerns – there is a massage chair delivery option just right for you, and we’ve provided an overview of each of those options below.

There are three massage chair shipping options, listed below in order of cost (least to most):

1. Standard Delivery (in box)
2. 2-person In-Home Delivery (in box)
3. White Glove Delivery (out of box)

You’ll note in the list above, two of the options are “in box” delivery options, and White Glove delivery is “out of box”. I’ve made this distinction up front, as it may impact how the massage chair is carried into your home.  Here’s why:

20180524_095105With the massage chair inside the original box, you can expect the box to be just under 35” wide. However outside the box, the typical massage chair is about 30” wide. These dimensions may impact whether you can bring the box into your home, or if you will need to unbox the massage chair prior to bringing it through the threshold.

The 35” box width is not an accident, since the standard width of an exterior door is 36” wide.  However, some older homes may have a narrower exterior door, so if you think your home falls into that category, its worth checking with a tape measure so you’ll know what to expect when your massage chair arrives.

Now let’s get to the details for each massage chair delivery option.

Standard Delivery

For standard deliveries, your massage chair will be delivered to your threshold. What this means exactly is the the massage chair, inside the box, will be unloaded from the truck and delivered to your front door. If the entry to your home is not on ground level, for example if you have a flight or two of stairs to access the front door, the box will be carried up those stairs and placed at the front door.
From the threshold, the rest is up to you if you choose Standard Delivery for your massage chairs. For example, you will then unbox the chair, it into your home, and do any minor assembly necessary.

If you live in a condo, town home, or apartment complex, there may be some additional requirements, so if this applies to your home you should alert us during the order process, so we can make those notes for the delivery crew.

2-person In-Home Delivery

This is simply one step beyond Standard Delivery. Instead of delivering the massage chair to the threshold, the delivery crew will bring the box inside your home. Just as with Standard Delivery, it will be your responsibility at that point to unpack and assemble the chair.  This additional service level may be helpful if you the area around your threshold is uncovered and you are concerned about the weather, or perhaps you would like the box delivered to the room of your home that you’ve selected for your new massage chair.

As you might expect based on the extra effort, 2-person in-home massage chair delivery adds an additional fee beyond Standard Delivery.  Remember too that this level of delivery means the delivery crew will carry the chair – inside the box – into your home, rather than unpacking the massage chair prior. If you opt for 2-person in-home delivery, be sure your threshold is 35” or wider (vs. 30 inches if the chair is first removed from the original box).

White Glove Delivery

This option can some delivery lead time, in some cases 7-14 days.  However this is the desired option for customers who wish to have the chair delivered into the preferred placement of their home, have the chair set up for them, and have the boxes taken away (however we strongly encourage you to keep all packing materials for warranty purposes).

For White Glove Delivery you will be contacted in advance to schedule a delivery time that is convenient for you, or to be more specific, a time range (typically a 2-hour window). Typically the delivery crew will unpack the chair outside your home, and then carry the chair inside to the spot you’ve designated. From there they will do the basic assembly and set up, which depending on the massage chair model may include attaching the footrest, arms, and remote control.

While these white glove delivery crews are trained on the chair setup, don’t expect them to be familiar with the chairs’ programs and functions. You’ll still want to refer to your manual, or the many resources we’ve provided including videos, for detailed operation guidance.

White Glove is certainly the easiest option as far as effort you’ll need to apply, and as you might expect is the priciest massage chair delivery option. However, if you have the budget, certainly white glove delivery is a luxury!


To see all the massage chair delivery options provided above, and if you want to compare pricing, visit our shopping cart on the Elite website to experiment. And give us a call if you would like to discuss any of our massage chair delivery options!

Top 4 Best Massage Chairs 2018

Top 4 Best Massage Chairs 2018



Perhaps you were expecting the typical Top 10 list that are so pervasive on the Internet today, and wonder what’s up with this “Top 4 Best Massage Chairs of 2018” list.  The problem is that once you browse of few of these so-called Top 10 lists, you’ll quickly (and smartly) realize they are typically nothing more than sites trying to maximize pay-per-click advertising revenue. They aren’t really interested in providing you an objective list of the best massage chairs.

On the contrary, our Best Massage Chairs of 2018 list is different. These truly are in our opinion the 4 best massage chairs on the market; each one distinctive and designed for extraordinary massage performance, superior workmanship and durable quality, and unique innovations not found in other massage chairs.  This is the comprehensive review you’ve been waiting for.

With those criteria in mind, here is the Elite list of the Top 4 Massage Chairs of 2018.  These are not ranked in order of “best to worst”‘; rather each is quite distinctive, and offers something different.  We hope this list allows you to start with the best, and make your selection.


Alphasonic massage chair from Casada
Brio Massage Chair from Positive Posture
EP-MA73 massage chair from Panasonic
DreamWave massage chair from Inada


Each of these Top 4 Best Massage Chairs of 2018 comes from among the most reputable and proven manufactures in the world – which is crucial to the massage chair buyer.  You are about to spend good money on a great massage chair.  You want a chair that is time-tested, proven among the most discriminating buyers, extensively tested by massage chair experts, and with a warranty that you can trust – and not leave you high-and-dry should something unfortunately break in your massage chair.



The Alphasonic by Casada


index page alphasonic

The Alphasonic is among the newest entries in the massage chair market, and boasts the L-track design that so many shoppers make part of their “must have” lists these days. The reason is that an L-track design ensures a much longer rolling stroke than chairs with an internal S-track.

About Casada

Made by Casada of Germany, a company with a long history in the massage chair business, along with a lineup of the best-selling portable massage products in Europe. Casada is known for their attention to detail in design, and introducing innovations across their products keeping them among the most sought-after massage chairs in the world.

Alphasonic massage chair details

While the S-track is attractive due to its ability typically to provide a deeper massage, most often via an internal 3D mechanism that extends the massage hands towards the body, the extended reach of the L-track allows for massage into the lowest reaches of the lumbar region, including the sciatica which can be sore and a cause for lower back pain. And the L-track in the Alphasonic goes even further, reaching all the way to the upper hamstrings and gluteus maxiumus muscles of the buttocks.

The Alphasonic also incorporates a unique feature in its adjustable shoulder units. This allows for the shoulder units to “ratchet” down towards the front deltoids. In addition to providing wonderful Acupressure massage to the deltoids, this adjustability ensure two other benefits: Deeper upper back massage, and an ideal fit for a variety of body sizes and types.  The reason the shoulder units enable deeper upper back and shoulder massage is because they apply pressure downwards, 6” of vertical pressure reach, this pushes the torso deeper into the massage mechanisms.


Perhaps the Alphasonic’s most distinguishable feature is the incorporation of Braintronics programming. This innovative feature is a supplement to the conventional automatic and manual massage programs, and is activated by simply pressing the Braintronics button on the remote control, and putting on headphones that are connected to the chair. You can learn more about Braintronics by clicking here, but suffice to say it alleviates stress and anxiety, and enables better sleep, beyond any other massage chair we’ve ever tested.

The Alphasonic is a 4-roller massage hand design, and the overall feel is one of deep therapeutic muscle manipulation. In terms of perceived strength of massage, we rate the Alphasonic as an 8 out of 10 – quite an accomplishment given the 2D design, and the Acupressure rating (the amount of pressure generated by the full-body airbags) is a remarkable 9 out of 10 – the strongest Acupressure of any of the Elite massage chair options.

The Alphasonic incorporates Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Shiatsu, and Swedish massage, and 3-part Foot Reflexology roller design for a deep, penetrating foot massage to the soles of the feet which are enhanced by airbags that apply pressure to the feet for circulation enhancement and relaxation of the muscles and tendons, and heating is delivered via infrared coils that are located in the lumbar region of the spine.

Another key benefit of the Alphasonic is the Zero Space design feature. Also referred to by some in the industry as “wall hugger” design, this enables the chair to go into full recline, while still being positioned only 2 inches from the back wall – a nice space-saving feature when considering where to place your massage chair inside the home.

The Alphasonic is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry – a 5-year parts and labor protection plan, with available in-home service. Since the warranty is already so long, there is no extended warranty purchase option.

So who is the typical buyer of the Alphasonic massage chair?

Buyers of the Alphasonic typically believe mental and physical health are connected. Buyers tend to seek a stronger massage for pain and stress relief, and the desire the advanced features such as deep massage that reaches into the lower back, buttocks and hamstrings, adjustable shoulders for those households with variable body sizes, Zero-Gravity recline, and Zero Space. They are also drawn to Braintronics™ for stress relief and improved mental performance.

Why Elite believes in the Alphasonic

For us, the combination of careful engineering to create remarkable depth in a 2D chair, the adjustable shoulders for a custom fit and feel, sleek external design, and above all the Braintronics brainwave frequency programs make the Alphasonic one of the best four massage chairs on the market in 2018.

MSRP on the Alphasonic is $4,599. Click here to learn more about the Alphasonic to see if this is the right massage chair for you.


The Brio by Positive Posture

The Brio is an exciting and relatively new entrant to the massage chair category, and we love this chair in that it delivers something quite unique – the combination of the an L-track internal design for optimal rolling stroke, and 3D depth.

While this seems an obvious combination, it is quite difficult to achieve properly and requires a leap in engineering. We’ve tested one other massage chair on the market that combines the two, and hands-down the Brio delivers the perfect combination. The other option we assessed, while providing the long rolling stroke, was noted as a very mechanical, almost uncomfortable feel. This highlights the accomplishment of Positive Posture in “cracking the code” of combination L-track reach and 3D depth.

About Positive Posture

Positive Posture is a relatively new brand, but was formed by a group of industry veterans who came from one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of massage chairs, and their first product entry is a signal that they will be a clear leader in providing chairs with ground-breaking innovatons.

Brio Massage Chair Details

The Brio is a beautiful chair, and we noted the supple texture of its PU leather upholstery, and the way it embraces the body due to super comfortable ergonomics. The 10 automatic massage programs were designed, or choreographed, by the Positive Posture engineers in the USA, and we love their sequences for a variety of needs, from muscle ache relief to relaxing pre-bedtime massage sequences.

The L-track provides massage hand reach into the lowest reaches of the lumbar region, including the sciatica which can be sore and a cause for lower back pain, and further, reaching all the way to the upper hamstrings and gluteus maxiumus muscles of the buttocks.

The 3D design and performance is outstanding – not too strong as to be painful, but deep enough to feel remarkably therapeutic. Soft rubber construction of the massage hands makes for a life-like and deeply relaxing feel overall. The combination of L-track and 3D that is capable of reaching 4” into the muscle tissue throughout the rolling stroke is what really sets the Brio massage chair apart.

The Brio is a 4-roller massage hand design, and the overall feel is one of deep therapeutic muscle manipulation thanks to a smooth kneading motion. In terms of perceived strength of massage, we rate the Brio as an 9 out of 10, and the Acupressure rating (the amount of pressure generated by the full-body airbags) is rated at 8 out of 10 – driven by whisper silent air compressors located in the base of the chair.

The Brio incorporates Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Shiatsu, and Swedish massage, and Foot Reflexology rollers for a deep, penetrating foot massage to the undersoles of the feet which are enhanced by airbags that apply pressure to the feet for circulation enhancement and relaxation of the muscles and tendons.  Heating in the Brio is delivered via infrared coils that are located in the lumbar region of the spine, where most users prefer it, but the Brio also heats the legs – and if you tend to experience leg fatigue or circulation issues, this is a great feature.

Another key benefit of the Brio is the Zero Space design feature. Also referred to by some in the industry as “wall hugger” design, this enables the chair to go into full recline, while still being positioned only 2 inches from the back wall – a nice space-saving feature when considering where to place your Brio massage chair inside the home.

The Brio is backed by a 3-year parts and labor protection plan, with available in-home service, and an extended warranty is available for additional costs that extends the coverage to a full 5 years.

So who is the typical buyer of the Brio massage chair?

Above all, those who gravitate to the Brio are those seeking the combination of two key massage chair design elements: 3-D massage depth and L-track reach. Buyers are also typically looking for a solid massage chair value, as the price point on the Brio is surprisingly reasonable given it matches feature-for-feature with other massage chairs that cost hundreds and even thousands more, and this is due to the desire for Positive Posture to capture market share behind their newest offering. The Brio is a comprehensive full-body massage chair, with relaxing and smooth mechanics, movement and feel, and we love the luxurious in fit and finish, designed as a chair that cradles you in supple materials to accentuate the relaxing infrared heating elements in the lower back and calves.

Why Elite believes in the Brio

For us, the combination of 3D and L-track are clear factors – its not just that these two are combined, but that the Brio does it so incredibly well – depth and reach combining artfully in a smooth, luxurious massage. We also love the “fit and finish” – the minute you unbox the Brio you instantly realize the careful and elegant design, and soft supple PU leather material that is wonderful to the touch. For these reasons the Brio is one of the four best massage chairs on the market in 2018.

MSRP on the Alphasonic is $5,999. Click here to learn more about the Brio to see if this is the right massage chair for you.


The EP-MA73 by Panasonic
index page panasonic ep ma73

One look the Panasonic MA73 and you’ll immediately know why so many people are attracted to this chair: It has the most traditional “recliner” look and engineering of any top-of-the-line full-body massage chair on the market. The MA73 is the upgrade from the MA70 model, and those who are familiar with the Panasonic line of massage chairs will find the refinements very desirable.

The MA73 is the latest generation of Panasonic’s RealPro Ultra-3D mechanism, designed for a smoother, deeper and more life-like massage. The MA73 also increases the number of automatic massage and stretching programs, doubles the number of massage movements, adds ceramic feet heaters, and features upgraded dual-zone arm kneading – resulting in the most advanced Panasonic massage chair designed.

About Panasonic

When consumers think of Panasonic, they often think of consumer products like televisions, audio/video equipment, and microwave ovens; however, Panasonic is one of the oldest manufacturers of massage chairs too, so many long-time massage buyers are familiar with their offerings, and many people are drawn to their Japanese origins.

EP-MA73 Massage Chair Details

The MA-73 was engineered to function as a recliner while also providing a professional massage experience with its innovative hideaway leg rest, and lift-away arm massage units exposing Acupressure massage. Precision body scanning in the MA73 with pressure detection measures acupoints in the neck, shoulders and back, providing a tailored personalized massage.

The MA-73 also integrates heated rollers, an ultra-kneading program, and full body air coverage the work in concert for a rejuvenating and therapeutic experience.
The chair delivers processor-driven kneading and Shiatsu Heated Rollers simulating the warmth of human hands and muscle tension relief. This is unique in that most massage chairs today utilize infrared heating elements in the lumbar, and in some chairs the lower body region.

Most people immediately notice the unique rotating ottoman footrest. This is a nice feature if you are seeking to blend a robotic massage chair more elegantly into your home decor, and for utilization of a more traditional recliner in between massage sessions (say for example, taking in a Sunday afternoon football game).

The MA73 is a 4-roller massage hand design, and the overall feel is one of deep therapeutic muscle manipulation thanks to a smooth kneading motion. In terms of perceived strength of massage, we rate the MA73 as an 9 out of 10, and the Acupressure rating (the amount of pressure generated by the full-body airbags) is rated at 7 out of 10 – driven by whisper silent air compressors located in the base of the chair.

A brushless motor-driven 3D massage system delivers fine tuning intensity, and our testing has revealed remarkably smooth direct up/down/left/right/front/back movements. An ultra soft headrest and unique lifting armrests to access kneading and Acupressure for the arms and hands round out some of the MA73’s features.

The MA73 features six selectable automatic massage programs, including names like refresh, deep, shiatsu, hip, neck & shoulder, and lower back. In addition manual techniques in include Ultra Kneading, Shiatsu, Kneading, Swedish, Rolling, and Tapping.

The EP-MA73 is backed by a 3-year parts and labor protection plan, with available in-home service, and an extended warranty is available for additional costs that extends the coverage to a full 5 years.

So who is the typical buyer of the MA73 massage chair?

Buyers typically are seeking two things on their list: A 3-D massage chair with the look and feel of a traditional recliner. We often find too that buyers are typically drawn to Panasonic’s long position as a leading massage chair manufacturer and Japanese roots.

Why Elite believes in the MA73

For us it comes down to a chair that delivers a comprehensive full-body massage, and we particularly note its ultra smooth mechanics, movement and feel. The massage rollers generate a remarkably smooth sound as well.  If a buyer is concerned about the more typical look of full-body robotic massage chairs, we typically guide them to the EP-MA73. At first glance you may think it is simply a recliner with its elegant PU leather and simulated wood accents, and we particularly appreciate the details in workmanship. For these reasons the Panasonic MA73 is one of the four best massage chairs on the market in 2018.

MSRP on the Alphasonic is $8,999. Click here to learn more about the EP-MA73 to see if this is the right massage chair for you.


The Inada DreamWave Massage Chair

Perhaps you’ve heard of the DreamWave; it has been one of the leading premium massage chairs on the market for years, with many loyal fans. And for good reason. Uncompromising attention to detail and design, and Japanese manufacturing quality, and multi-movement 3-D massage make this the choice for those who believe “you get what you pay for.”

Utilizing a proprietary Shiatsu point detection technology and unique airbag-driven 3D mechanism, the DreamWave adapts to individual needs. This is a super-premium massage chair designed to rejuvenate your body’s natural healing processes for extraordinary stress relief and enhanced sense of well-being.

About Inada

The company was founded in Japan in 1962, and they actually invented the first automatic shiatsu massage chair. Their R&D facility is still located at its Osaka headquarters today. Since introducing the DreamWave Inada has accumulated industry recognition, including the 2009 American Society of Furniture Designers Pinnacle Award Finalist, and over several years has been selected by the CES Design and Engineering Showcase Award at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

DreamWave Massage Chair Details

As the most premium massage chair on the market today in terms of pricepoint, the DreamWave delivers full-body massage to help maximize relief and remove tension and stiffness. Using Shiatsu point detection technology, each massage begins with a body scan to adapt the massage hands to individual needs.

The DreamWave has more automatic pre-programmed massage sessions than other chairs Elite has tested – 16 to be exact – as well as custom options for a deeper massage and heating. The DreamWave’s pressure-driven 3D mechanism is the only one of its kind. While perhaps not as strong as mechanically-driven 3D options, the DreamWave is sure to provide a smooth and soothing massage motion that many people prefer.

One of the most distinguishing features is the chairs namesake “DreamWave” undulating hip & thigh figure-8 motion, in which the seat actually pivots in a circular motion along with pressure applied by the hip airbags. This is designed to provide slow, methodical movements for hypnotic, calming massage. Dare we say “dream inducing?”

Other features of the DreamWave include a one-button Youth Session massage experience developed specifically for children, rhythmic compression for gentle calf, foot and sole massage, and infrared heating in the back and seat, designed for additional relaxation and comfort.

The DreamWave is a 4-roller massage hand design, and the overall feel is one of deep therapeutic muscle manipulation thanks to a smooth kneading motion, combined with the 3D airbag driven intensity that push the rollers deeper into the shoulders and back. In terms of perceived strength of massage, we rate the DreamWave as an 9 out of 10, and the Acupressure rating (the amount of pressure generated by the full-body airbags) is rated at 8 out of 10 – driven by high quality and durable air compressors located in the base of the chair.

The DreamWave also features something unique in the category as well – an integrated Shiatsu neck massager located on the headrest. This complements the full upper body massage, air compression for the arms and hands, and inward hip and thigh massage. The remote control on the DreamWave is hand-held, and we’ve find it a simple and intuitive interface

So who is the typical buyer for the DreamWave massage chair?

We find the typical buyers are those seeking a deeply relaxing, 3-D premium massage chair, and who want a high-end luxury model. Buyers are typically drawn to the Japanese origins in engineering and design, and appreciate that it’s tenure on the market is an indicator that this is a chair that stands the test of time. Also some really appreciate the distinctive undulating seat motion that enhances the distinctive feel of this massage chair and ability to reduce stress.
Those who ultimately decide on the DreamWave tend to be discriminating seekers of truly premium-positioned products in design, feel and overall aesthetics, and luxurious and relaxing massage experience.

Why Elite believes in the DreamWave

For us, this is the premium option on the market, and with this price comes a chair that delivers a truly relaxing, stress-reducing massage. We perceive the attention to details in the chair’s ultra-smooth mechanics, movement and feel. We are also drawn to the unique pressure-driven, or airbag powered 3D movement, which is gentler than other 3D chairs we’ve tested, yet still reaches deeper into the muscles of the shoulders and back.  We also appreciate the neck massage unit attached to the chair, and driven by mechanical kneading for a luxurious neck and lower skull massage – particularly effective for those suffering headaches.  Add to that the undulating seat which gives the DreamWave credence to its name, and for these reasons the Inada DreamWave is one of the four best massage chairs on the market in 2018.

MSRP on the DreamWave is $9,999. Click here to learn more about the DreamWave to see if this is the right massage chair for you.


Conclusion to the 4 Best Massage Chairs of 2018

Nothing is better than coming home after a long day at work or play, and sinking into a luxurious full-body massage experience that leaves you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a whole lot less stress than when you first sat down into your own premium massage chair. You want the best.  Elite has been in the business of massage chairs for over 15 years, and our goal is to provide our customers with two important propositions:

  1. We save you time, by hand-selecting only the best massage chairs we can find in the world. Massage chairs, that if we were in your shoes and looking for the best options.
  2. We give massage chair buyers peace of mind. You can select from among our elite selection of top massage chairs knowing that each as been extensively tested and analyzed for massage performance, quality, durability, and warranty support.
What Matters Most When Buying a Massage Chair?

What Matters Most When Buying a Massage Chair?

“When you consider what matters most when buying a massage chair, consider that the company you buy that chair from.”


When buying a massage chair, boy oh boy, do you have options – quantity is certainly not a problem.  A quick Google search for “massage chairs” returns a mountain of links, 9.89 million page results to be exact.  Realistically, the quality of the results in in terms of actually finding a credible source from whom to buy a massage chair peters out around page 11.  Still, the bottom line is you have myriad sites from which you might purchase your new massage chair.  So with all these options, the question facing every new buyer is simple:  What matters most when buying a massage chair? 

We’ve written several articles about the key criteria to consider when buying a massage chair, from massage chair attributes, warranty coverage, and other considerations.  However, in this post we are going to focus on why WHO to buy your chair from matters just as much as the actual massage chair you purchase.

Is it “best price?”

Perhaps at this point you’re thinking to yourself, “Hey man, I just want the best deal, and I’ll take the lowest price I can find, whoever is selling it.”

You might get lucky and the lowest price is from a great massage chair resource.  In this case you are a double winner:  You got the massage chair of your dreams at the best price you could find.  However, by only price shopping, you are at grave risk in buying form a source you’ll be sorry for; months or maybe a few years after your purchase.

Certainly we encourage you to do some shopping to find the best deal; you earned that money and deserve the best value.  But aside from simply low price, there are some really important considerations to follow before you press that “buy” button.

These criteria on what matters most when buying a massage chair – in this case, the source – is the outcome of our 15+ years making and selling massage chairs.  We’ve sold thousands of massage chairs – many makes and models – and we’ve realized with certainty there are the critical benchmarks smart shoppers use in making the decision  about WHO to buy their massage chair from.  Tragically, we’ve learned about subpar resellers from people who have called us in crisis, because they realized they had bought their massage chair from the wrong source, for reasons we’ll go into here.

Here is our “massage chair insider” list of what matters most when buying a massage chair, helping you focus on choosing the best source.

  1. They answer the phone.

Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it?  You’d be surprised at how often it is difficult to reach massage chair resellers.  Sure they might have an answering service, and you may get routed to a voicemail to record your message.

But what you want is a business that answers the phone, with a human, and one who is an expert on massage chairs.  We receive countless calls from our customers after hours and on weekends – and of course plenty during

Customer Service agent in an startup office with laptop.

the week.  They regularly tell us how refreshing it is to do business with a company that works so hard to answer the phone (as simple as that sounds).  Our goal is to try and answer every single call, and ensure every customer and potential buyer can talk immediately to one of our team specialists.

Getting quick service or response isn’t just about the initial massage chair purchase.  There is a high likelihood you will call the company later; whether to ask about a chair feature, how to get a certain type of massage, or for tech support.  When you think about who to buy a massage chair from, call them – and be sure they answer the phone.  This simple requirement should be on every shopper’s list when considering what matters most when buying a massage chair.

  1. They provide expert service to help you select the RIGHT massage chair.

Anyone can sell a massage chair.  For years we’ve watched countless new massage chair “stores” or resellers pop up, only to disappear after a few months or few years.  Massage chairs are a demanding business.  Today’s luxury massage chairs are complex mechanical and digital machines, with lots of moving parts and electronics.  Whoever you choose to buy your massage chair from, make sure they are experts in the field, ideally with a decade or more in the business.

Their expertise should be comprehensive in scope.  It’s easy to memorize the spec sheet of various massage chairs; this information is readily available to anyone determined to find it.  But how well do they really know their massage chairs – inside and out – is vital to helping you choose the right option.  Then you should consider if their knowledge extends to all available massage chair options on the market.  How well can they thoughtfully consider you as an individual, and why you are buying a massage chair – and use that insight to help guide you to the right chair?

This level of expertise is all about perspective, wisdom about the technological development of massage chairs over the years, and intimate knowledge about how each massage chair actually feels and responds to various body types and pain points.  You as a buyer will benefit hugely from buying from an expert resource; they will play a key role in ensuring you buy the massage chair that matches your exact needs.

  1. They are obsessive about tech support.

We all hope when buElite Massage Chair Technicianying a massage chair that it won’t break.  First premium luxury massage chairs are a big investment for some.  Secondly a broken massage chair is a 250 lb. ugly recliner, often placed in a high traffic area of your home.  You really want it working all the time, and if something does break, you want it fixed pronto.

Sometimes even the most well-designed and well-manufactured massage chairs can break. It might be something as simple as a drive belt that fell off, or a motor that burns out, or perhaps a lightening strike causes an electrical failure.  That’s when WHO you buy a massage chair from is super important.

Knowing how important this is to our own customers, we rely on a robust software solution to handle our tech support queue, for each and every inbound phone call or email we receive 7 days a week.  By making an investment in our support technology infrastructure, Elite is able to swiftly diagnose issues, alert the field tech team if necessary, and monitor in real-time the progress of every ticket generated when a customer calls our massage chair tech support line.

This obsessiveness about tech support is why we have steadily compiled positive reviews, and referral business that grows every year.  So when you think about who to buy your massage chair from, and what matters most, be sure they are obsessive about tech support.

  1. They have an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating.

This achievement of an A+ BBB rating is not something any company that sells massage chair can just buy – it is earned, through years of dedicated service and issue resolution.bbb-logo-a-plus-rating-196x160

The BBB’s entire reason for being is to create an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.  Their rating is compiled from years of tracking customer responsiveness, periodic complaints, and in the event of complaints the speed and quality of resolution to the customer’s satisfaction.

The BBB rating system is the output of that tracking activity among massage chair resellers; it can be a key indicator for information about a company BEFORE you do business with them, so you as a consumer can make an intelligent buying decision.

When considering who to buy a massage chair from, use their Better Business Bureau rating a means to quickly establish the conditions of trust.  If their rating is not published, or poor – stay away, and save yourself the headaches later.  That rating matters, and should be a consideration in what matters most when buying a massage chair.



Heroes and Overcoming Challenges

Heroes and Overcoming Challenges

“I wanted to deviate for a moment from tips about buying massage chairs to share Sampson’s inspirational story, which is about things much bigger:  Heroes and Overcoming Challenges.”




Let’s face it, we can get so self-absorbed in our personal day-to-day struggles, that it becomes too easy to lose perspective on the small things that matter.  Fortunately every once in awhile, someone else’s bigger story will jar us unexpectedly from our myopic focus on ourselves, and provide the gifts of inspiration and perspective we need.

Invariably at the core of these heart warming stories are heroes.  Heroes come in many forms, but these people always lead us through example, displaying the sheer power of the human spirit to overcome, and showing us how the love and commitment from families and loved ones are unstoppable forces for good – no matter the magnitude of the challenges faced.

I had the pleasure recently of meeting some real-life heroes during a fortuitous meeting in our massage chair showroom in Colorado.  At the center of this story is a remarkable young man named Sampson Briggs.  I wanted to deviate for a moment from tips about buying massage chairs to share Sampson’s inspirational story, which is about things much bigger:  Heroes and overcoming challenges.

If you have just 12 minutes to spare, I encourage you to watch the video below.  My hope is that by sharing Sampson’s story at least of few of our blog readers might gain some of the perspective I did – through Sampson’s remarkable journey of courage and triumph, and the power of loving support.