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Tappymed lll







The Magic Wand of Handheld Massage.  


 Jade stone massage in the palm of your hand.  $109 $99


Ready at a moment’s notice – the fully re-designed Tappymed lll provides virtually unlimited options for a body massager.  Surprising power from such a compact design, you’ll want to use this massager every day.

From relief from sore neck muscles from hours sitting in front of a computer, to relieving built-up tension in the shoulders, back, and even deep penetrating massage for the arches of aching feet – the Tappymed lll is the new standard for wand-style massagers.

Fully redesigned from the #1 selling Tappymed ll, the Tappymed lll incorporates updated styling, more durable construction, improved rubber coating and ergonomics, next-generation variable motor, and most distinguishing – genuine Jade stone internal massage head.




 Design surpassing all others in its class.


The key to the Tappymed’s flexible usage is its elegant design that conforms to your hand – enabling multiple grasp points for reaching any muscle group in the body.  


German engineers carefully assessed how users held the device, and optimized the new design for a variety of applying perfect pressure, whether holding the Tappymed lll by it’s handle, to grasping the unit from the new head design.


With the Tappymed lll, thousands of customers were solicited to produce a whole new massager designed for your particular relief needs.



Full-body Relief

You know your body, where you tend to hold stress and anxiety, and the muscle groups that become chronically sore from your daily routine or occupation.


The Tappymed lll is a portable, flexible massage solution to make you feel better.  The all new Tappymed even incorporates Tapping style massage.  Short, percussion movements are performed to promote blood flow in the skin and soften tension in muscles.  If tapping is performed at lung height, this can help improve the release of mucus from the lungs.


Apply the Tappymed massage to any body region – from the neck and shoulders, to lower back, legs, and even the feet.


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macro shooting of natural gemstone - polished green Nephrite (jade) mineral gem stone isolated on white background

 The Healing Powers of Jade Stone

As has come to define Casada quality, the Tappymed lll utilizes a genuine Jade stone massage head.  Jade is world renowned for it’s holistic healing properties.

Importantly the Jade provides new levels of deep muscle relief through the Tappymed lll’s heating element.

Unlike other wand massagers that utilize less effective heating coils, in the Tappymed lll slowly heats the Jade stone itself, for a penetrating, relaxing, and revitalizing heat for the muscles and tendons in the body.  

With fine-tuned variable speed via its intuitive dial, the Tappymed lll relaxes the muscles and releases tension. 

Add to that newly designed, four unique silicon attachments provide a variety of contact points for optimal feel and relief for different muscles groups – from head to toe.  Each is designed to sooth the nerves and promote the healthy flow of the circulatory system.


Designed in Germany, Casada is the best-selling portable massager line  in Europe. 

Exquisite massage performance and craftsmanship, plus the longest warranty in the industry.