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Quattromed lll LE







The therapeutic benefits of a massage chair, the healing powers of Jade stone rollers.


 A true portable massage chair.   $449 $349

The Quattromed LE is the gold standard of portable massage seats, providing features typically found only in full-size massage chairs, and innovations that deliver unmatched therapeutic benefits for the body.


Circular rotation of 4 massage heads spinning in opposite directions provide stimulating Shiatsu style massage. With the touch of a button, reverse the direction of the massage heads to enhance muscle manipulation and blood flow to wring soreness from tissue.


Normally only seen in full massage chairs, the Quattromed’s massage heads travel the length of your spine providing gentle Swedish type massage.


Vibration motor in the seat of the Quattromed LE penetrates deep into muscles and increase circulation.


 The Natural Healing Powers of Jade

Jade stone rollers are just one of the earmarks of Casada premium quality and attention to detail, which become immediately evident in the Quattromed LE.  

Other seat massagers use plastic rollers, which compromise the feel of the massage motion over the musculature of the back and shoulders.  The Jade stone provides a whole new level of feel, sliding over muscles for a more life-like feel.  But Jade goes even deeper than that…

Natural Jade stone also plays an important part in the heat therapy provided by the Quattromed lll LE.  Jade is an extremely efficient conductor of heat, and as they slowly heat the transference deep into the muscles loosens tightness and melts away fatigue, while improving blood flow and the charge of the lymphatic system.  

 Your massage, right where you need it

Automatic Programs

From the well-designed remote control encased in a pleasant rubberized coating for optimal feel, you can activate 3 automatic massage programs for a range of techniques.  Fine tune your massage by reversing the motion of the massage hands, customizing the kneading speed, or activate heating or seat vibration.  

Spot-specific massage

You can also take control of your Quattromed lll LE for a completely customized massage to address specific areas of soreness in your body, or to relieve stress and tension.  Just like a full massage chair, the Quattromed allows you to position the heads specifically and target a specific spot.

Bottom line:  The Quattromed lll LE is a remarkable massage seat, surpassing all other available options on the market today.  

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Designed in Germany, Casada is the best-selling portable massager line  in Europe. 

Exquisite massage performance and craftsmanship, plus the longest warranty in the industry.