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Step aboard, and feel better than you have in years.


 A massage device unlike any other – $999 $799

The Powerboard 2.1 is a revolutionary vibration massage plate that enables anyone – no matter fitness level or age – to quickly tone muscle, reduce the aches and pains associated with aging, and reverse the consequences of physical inactivity.

The Powerboard 2.1 is much more than meets the eye.  German engineering have resulted in an advanced system of alternating movement, oscillation, and vibration frequencies adapted perfectly to the human body.  In just a few minutes, the Powerboard stimulates muscles, tendons, joints, and full-body enhanced circulation.

 If you, or someone you love is concerned about insufficient physical activity, and seeking a way to more easily incorporate a healthy daily routine,  the Powerboard 2.1 can be a life-changer.



How does the Powerboard 2.1 work?


Anyone – no matter age or fitness level – can immediately use the Powerboard 2.1 to revitalize mind and body, and start feeling better than they have in years.


Importantly the Powerboard does not require advanced or strenuous routines to deliver benefits.  It can be as easy as simply standing on the vibration plate for a short session each day, or even sitting to boost the circulatory system.  One can easily increase movements on the Powerboard as the body becomes conditioned. 


The PowerBoard is comprised of a sophisticated system of coordinated vibration and alternating movements of oscillation and amplitude designed to stimulate the human anatomy.  Circulation of blood flow increases, while the body’s own reflexes are engaged to promote joint, tendon and soft tissue stabilization.  


By triggering automatic reflexes, muscle contraction occurs within the feet, ankles, legs – all the way up to the back – for core strength gains to improve posture.  Core strength is a key building block for overall physical health and vitality.

 Consequences of Physical Inactivity

Not getting enough movement or exercise results in a host of avoidable side-effects.  As we age it becomes harder to maintain a regular routine, and as a result of probability of chronic health issues increases.  

We lose muscle mass.  Our muscles need a balanced load of strain and physical activity to remain efficient. If not properly used, muscle tissue loses strength and eventually starts to break down – which in turn compromises the stability of joints and the spine.  And let’s face it – the heart is the most important muscle in our physical bodies.

Our back aches.  Tension and back problems are often the result of overuse – however under use of our bodies can cause back pain as well. Often this has to do with the loss of our core strength, which compromises the stability and balance of the spine.  

We risk cardiovascular disease.  Insufficient movement causes our heart to lack regular, healthy workloads which can cause the cardiac muscle to lose performance.  Regular exercise is also vital along with healthy diet to the regulation of blood pressure, and inconsistent physical activity can contribute to hypertension.

Digestive problems increase.  The microorganisms that make up our digestive processes depend on healthy blood circulation in order to function smoothly.  Spending too much time sitting, combined with loss of core strength, can also compress the stomach and intestines, contributing to digestive issues.  

We gain weight, and lose bone density.  Without exercise our ratio of energy consumption to food intake gets out of balance, and this depletes nutrition to cartilages, as well as robs our bone structure of mass – which can lead to injury and osteoarthritis.

We get stressed!  We already have enough stress in our lives, and insufficient physical activity only exacerbates the problems associated with stress; namely, the reduction in the release of stress hormones that comes with movement and exercise.

The Powerboard 2.1 is designed to reverse the negative conditions associated with insufficient levels of physical activity.  And the best part?  It is extremely easy to use!




 What can you achieve with the Powerboard 2.1?

Boost Muscle & Bone Density.  Intra- and intermuscular stimulation has the effect of light weight training, without the weights! With each micro-pulse from the Powerboard, a stretch reflex is triggered in the muscles.  This reflex leads to a contraction of the legs all the way up to the back, strengthening muscle and improving bone density. The number of reflexes per second varies depending on the frequency setting, easily changed with the wireless remote control. 

Stimulate Blood Circulation.  The smooth alternating (or rocking) movements triggers increased blood flow throughout the body, enhancing lymphatic system performance for the delivery of nutrients to tissue, as well as the increased processing of waste by-products.

Prevent Postural Breakdown.  Whether standing, sitting, or doing various movements on the Powerboard, your body is constantly being provoked to maintain postural integrity.  This means vital musculature responsible for posture including the muscles of the spine are stimulated, and these muscles “fire” as a result and gradually increase in strength.  Minutes per day on the Powerboard will help improve your sense of balance and contribute to less risk of falling down and becoming injured.

Recover.  The Powerboard 2.1 is also a great treatment to relax and loosen tension in muscles, whether post-physical activity, or to reverse the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time or other stationary positions. 

The Powerboard can be used in a vast number of ways – from simply sitting, standing or combining athletic movements. 


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