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Deep kneading massage for the neck and shoulders.  


 A superior neck massager.   $139 $119


Muscle tension has many causes.  If you have it, you know how debilitating it can be.  It is particularly the pain in the shoulder and neck area which limits our movement ability, and acts as a block to blood flow and the healthy function of nerve points, which can further cause headaches and further back pain.

The Casada Neck Massager ll was developed in Germany to counteract this exact problem, combining reversible kneading massage techniques and integrated heating function. 

By placing the Neck Massager ll at the nape of your neck or base of the skull, which is the exact point in which this regional pain originates, you can counteract this negative tension through deep massage to the muscles, and regenerate healthy blood flow to find rejuvenating relief.

 The Neck Massager ll is particularly effective in counteracting the tension and damage from long hours of sitting at a desk, driving, or of long hours upright in a stationary position. 


 Say goodbye to your pain in the neck!

The kneading massage heads in the Neck Massager ll are instantly adjustable with a press of a button, to rotate in two directions and provide muscle manipulation that caters to your distinct needs – whether pushing upwards towards the head or downwards towards the shoulders. 

This versatile level of control also provides for optimal stimulation of the neck muscles for therapeutic effect on the nerves and upper vertebra. 

Deep penetrating heat radiates from the massage heads to further loosen the muscles and stimulate the flow of blood in muscle tissue, and is particularly effective in the release of muscle tension.  The sensation of this radiant heat is also wonderfully relaxing, and is outstanding for the relief of built-up stress and tension that is often held in the neck and shoulders.

 Fine tune your massage intensity

The Neck Massager ll incorporates ergonomically designed straps – called ActiveBands – allowing for you to control the amount of intensity of the massage.  Just as in human-administered massage, skin, tissue and muscles are clasped and kneaded between the massage heads, just as fingers would apply this pressure.  

By enabling you to pull downwards these massage heads can be positioned on the neck, trapezius muscles of the shoulders, and lower shoulders, with variable pressure.  With the straps you control the kneading pressure as well as the positioning to pinpoint your specific pressure points, to release tension and knots. 

Due to the design this leverage can be applied with minimal effort, allowing for a fully relaxing body position whether sitting in a chair, on the couch, or even reclining in bed.

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Designed in Germany, Casada is the best-selling portable massager line  in Europe. 

Exquisite massage performance and craftsmanship, plus the longest warranty in the industry.