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An extraordinary, and versatile portable massager.


A portable therapeutic powerhouse.  $199 $149

The Miniwell Twist may be a compact portable massage cushion – however it packs a therapeutic punch that is a revelation the moment you try it.  Rotating massage heads deliver a deep, penetrating kneading massage to any muscle group in the body. 

The motors driving the massage heads alone position the Miniwell Twist above any other cushion like it on the market; however it goes a step further with ActiveBands™  ActiveBands are the unique straps that connect to stainless steel rings on the rear of the device, which enable you to position the cushion perfectly, and utilize leverage for infinitely adjustable depth of massage intensity.  Place the Miniwell Twist on the shoulders, upper back, lower back, legs, or feet, and use the ActiveBands to increase Shiatsu kneading pressure for ultimate relief of muscle tension and soreness.

Years ago the original Casada Miniwell revolutionized the world of portable massage cushions, and the Miniwell Twist continues this legacy with more powerful motors, enhanced ergonomic design, and luxurious outer materials.


 Whole Body Portable Massager

Different areas of the body tolerate varying levels of pressure than others; for example, the shoulders and upper back can often be sensitive, particularly in women (who tend to hold a lot of stress in those areas), while the lower back can sometimes allow for deeper pressure (a common area of chronic pain and tightness in men).  

Depth of massage regardless is all up to each person’s individual preferences – some like super-strong massage while others prefer a lighter, more relaxing touch to relieve anxiety and stress.  The Miniwell Twist was designed to accommodate this level of diversity.  

You can apply the Miniwell Twist to larger muscle groups such as the quads and hamstrings, or point-specific areas like the IT bands which can cause tension into the lower back.   Even the feet can be placed on the Miniwell Twist for kneading sore arches.  

The advanced concave shape of the Miniwell Twist allows for perfect placement on any body region.  With the ActiveBands you can even reach areas not possible with other small massage cushions, such as the outer shoulders or deltoids.  Any region of the back can be addressed, even the stomach for improved digestion and cramping issues.

The Miniwell Twist is one of the most versatile portable massagers on the market.

 Real Jade Stone Massage Heads

A hallmark of all Casada massage products is innovation, and the utilization of genuine Jade stone in the massage heads in the Miniwell Twist is a testament to this relentless drive for better, more therapeutic massagers. Unlike cheaper massage cushions with plastic rollers, the Miniwell Twist utilizes genuine Jade stone in its massage heads.  

Not only does the Jade stone provide a superior massage feel; gliding effortlessly across muscle tissue, Jade is also a natural conductor of heat.  The stone is gently heated during massage for a deeper penetrating and more relaxing massage to restore healthy blood flow and alleviate muscle tightness and associated soreness.

Only in Casada massagers will you find this level of innovation and attention to exquisite quality.

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Designed in Germany, Casada is the best-selling portable massager line  in Europe. 

Exquisite massage performance and craftsmanship, plus the longest warranty in the industry.