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Heavenly, therapeutic portable foot reflexology.


 Don’t neglect your feet any longer – $229 $154

It is the feet that have to carry us every day to work, during sports and in our leisure time. Reward your feet with a soothing and relaxing massage with the FootInn.  Kick off your shoes at the end of the day, and be transported into an entirely new mental state.  

 Toes, Arches and Heels

The FootInn massages the soles of the feet using its finely balanced rollers and stimulates the toes and heels at the same time thanks to its integrated warming function. Experience daily life laid-back, exhilarated and light-footed!

The design of the FootInn is about portability and ease of use.  A soft outer cover is the perfect complement to the device, and the well-proportioned form factor makes it easy to store – we like having ours right under the couch, ready at a moment’s notice for a foot massage anytime.


Healthy Feet = Healthy Body

If the feet are neglected, this can have an effect on the entire body.

Muscular tension of the body can arise as a result of poor posture. This in turn can have negative effects on the spinal column and the nerve tracts and result in other physical complaints.

Sleeping problems and cold feet are usually a consequence of circulatory disorders. Excessive sitting and physical inactivity can cause blood congestion, swollen legs and muscle cramps.

By using the FootInn daily, your feet are infused with sufficient energy so that the veins embedded in the muscles can transport the blood throughout the entire body again.

 What is Foot Reflexology?


Reflexology dates back thousands of years; our ancestors were on their feet all day, every day. And they learned how vital the feet were to maintaining an healthy lifestyle.

Reflexology generates remarkable whole-body benefits due to the fact that there are approximately 72,000 nerve endings in the feet alone, which connect through the nervous system to hundreds of other body functions.  The feet are truly the base of the body from both a structural, as well as energy standpoint. Precisely performed massages can influence the body in a positive way and enhance personal well-being.

Careful massages of the foot reflex zones can stimulate metabolism and blood circulation, as well as stimulate digestion and support the self-healing process of the body. The more we care about the vitality of our feet, the better it is for our body.

The feet are to be seen as a microsystem in which the whole organism is reflected and can be treated individually.







 Foot Massage.  Anywhere, any time.


The FootInn is a small powerhouse of well-being – an elegant, compact design including a soft outer cover makes it easy to store and use any moment for a foot massage.  

Engineered for Durability

This foot massager was designed to be used every day, and extra care in robust engineering with industrial grade internal parts, materials and mechanisms ensure the FootInn is a reliable go-to device, for a rejuvenating escape and therapeutic treatment for the feet.

The FootInn even comes with a small, intuitive Bluetooth remote control, so you can control it without bending over to press the control panel – perfect for under the desk even at work.  We also package with each FootInn a car adapter. Passengers during long rides can enjoy the pleasure and physical benefits of foot massage.


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Exquisite massage performance and craftsmanship, plus the longest warranty in the industry.