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When you buy from Elite, you get the highest quality massage chairs on the market, backed by the best warranty anywhere.  That’s why we showcase only the premium portable massagers, from Casada of Germany. 

We tested all the other brands, and Casada massagers are superior.  Better engineering and massage quality, gorgeous workmanship, and innovative features not found in other products.  Backed by the best warranty in the industry.


The Quattromed LE

  • Casada QuattroMed LE

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True Portable Massage Chair

Lesser products use cheap plastic rollers, which compromise massage feel over the musculature of the back and shoulders.  The Quattromed LE incorporates real Jade stone massage heads for superior therapeutic feel and deeper heat therapy.
A best-seller worldwide for good reason.


The Miniwell Twist



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Superb Shiatsu Massage Cushion

The Miniwell Twist combines deep massage with ActiveBands™ that enable you to position the massage heads and utilize leverage for infinitely adjustable depth of intensity. 
Massage your shoulders, upper and lower back, legs, and feet for relief of muscle tension and soreness.


The FootInn


    Casada FootInn

  • Casada FootInn

  • Casada FootInn

  • Casada FootInn


Heavenly Portable Foot Reflexology

The FootInn massages the soles of your feet using finely balanced rollers, and stimulates the toes and heels at the same time thanks to its integrated warming function.  
You’ll crave time in the FootInn at the end of every day. 


The Powerboard 2.1




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Vibration Plate for Extraordinary Benefits

The PowerBoard 2.1 enables anyone – no matter fitness level or age – to quickly tone muscle, reduce the aches and pains associated with aging, and reverse the consequences of physical in activity.  Stimulate muscles, tendons, joints, and boost full-body enhanced circulation.
You’ll feel better than ever with the Powerboard 2.1.


The Neck Massager 2


    Casada Neck Massager


Best Neck Massager on the Market

Neck and upper shoulder pain plagues too many of us, and the Neck Massager ll is the solution, counteracting tension with deep kneading massage and heating.
The Neck Massager ll reverses tension from stress and anxiety, long hours of sitting at a desk or in an upright position, or driving. 



The Tappymed 3


    Casada TappyMed III


The Magic Wand of Massagers

The Tappymed lll provides virtually unlimited options for a body massager, with its elegant design that conforms to your hand enabling multiple grasp points for reaching any muscle group in the body. 
The Tappymed lll is the new standard for wand-style massagers.


Designed in Germany, Casada is the best-selling portable massager line  in Europe. 

Exquisite massage performance and craftsmanship, plus the longest warranty in the industry.