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Achieve Deep Meditation in minutes, while in a full-body massage chair.




There are a lot of massage chairs on the market today with a plethora of features; however, Braintronics™ is a ground-breaking innovation. 

While the concept of Braintronics™ might surprise you, it is based on a fundamental reason why people seek massage chairs in the first place:  The remarkable mental benefits. 

No question massage is a therapeutic physical experience, but the rejuvenating effects on the mind, emotional state, and stress reduction are as powerful at the physical pain relief.  Braintronics™ not only enhances the massage, it enables a state of true meditation for remarkable results.

Achieve mindful meditation in minutes while getting full-body massage, and with regular use you’ll actually re-train your brain for improved mental and physical performance.


 How Braintronics Works

Braintronics is a feature integrated in the Alphasonic massage chair.  The Alphasonic can be used for full-body massage only, or you can simply press the Braintronics button and in minutess be transported to a state of deeper relaxation than you’ve ever experienced. 

Through headphones while receiving massage, your brainwaves are naturally and safely synchronized with frequencies achieved when in mindful meditation.  You’ll emerge feeling deeply relaxed both mentally and physically, and stress and anxiety are significantly reduced.


While music is not required for brainwave synchronization, the programs are engineered with relaxing nature sounds, spa-style music, and gentle voice-overs for optimal relaxation.

The concept of brainwave synchronization is called entrainment, in which the brain’s electro-magnetic impulses align with rhythmic and/or sensory stimulation. The brain responds with the so-called “frequency following response,” subconsciously aligning our own prevailing frequency to the frequency supplied by the outside source.


Available Braintronics™ Programs

There are various programs, each for distinct benefits:

A1  :  De-Stress

A program to transform the mind into a sense of calm, relieve anxiety and worry, and promote peace of mind. Part of our guided series, with gentle voice over designed to help you deal more effectively with daily stress.

A2  :  Improve Focus

A program to increase regular productivity and focus for tasks, upcoming work or personal challenges, or sports performance.  Part of our guided series, with gentle voice over to enhance and optimize focus even after program completion, this program can also be effective for ADHD or ADD conditions.

A3  :  De-Compress

A program designed for mental and physical recover from normal daily work routines.  Part of our guided series with gentle voice over, this program can be highly effective after high physical or mental exertion such as study, work, or strenuous exercise.

A4  :  Muscle-Therapy

A program to reinvigorate muscles and relieve soreness, while achieving a state of extremely deep relaxation.  Accompanied by music and natural sound effects, the program is ideal in treating muscle pain whether chronic or temporary.

 A5  :  Deep Sleep

A program designed for immediately prior to bedtime, this mesmerizing program of white noise including babbling brook and rainfall, Deep Sleep will send you off to bed ready to fall into the deep, rejuvenating sleep you’ve always dreamed of.  Your brainwaves are synchronized to optimal frequencies for ultimate relaxation.

A6  :  Mindful Meditation

Ever wished you could practice mindful meditation, but weren’t sure how, or intimidated by the prospect of learning this ancient healing practice?  The new Mindful Meditation program was designed for you.  Part of our guided series with gentle voice over to guide you through the art of this ancient practice, this program will align your brainwaves to the same as those achieved by regular practitioners of mindful meditation – within minutes.  

A7  :  Better Sleep

A program designed for those who have trouble falling asleep, incorporating brainwave synchronization for a deep state of relaxation.  Part of our guided series with gentle voice over to guide you through proven visualization techniques for the treatment of chronic insomnia.  This program will teach you how to incorporate these routine at any time, even when away from your massage chair.


Braintronics Programs Structure

Each program lasts 20-minutes, and is divided into three phases:

1. Relaxation :  Alpha frequency 7-10Hz
2. Treatment  :  Theta frequency 3-7Hz
3. Awakening  :  Beta frequency 4-30Hz





Braintronics™ Massage Operation

The massage sequences are designed to optimize the experience. Below is a simple guide to the duration of each phase, and notes regarding the massage action provided.



The More You Use It, the Better It Gets

With each session in your massage chair, the greater the long-term benefits. Over time the brain’s synapses and nerve branches “learn” how to quickly align to these lower frequencies on demand. 

This is a well-known concept called Brain Plasticity.  People who practice meditation can, over time quickly achieve a meditative state. Through regular use of Braintronics you are able to better deal with stress, overcome anxiety, and improve physical and mental performance.


Already have Braintronics™, and looking for a set-up guide?  Click HERE to download the instructions.


Quick Sample Braintronic program for a quick calm (non-verbal)

We created this sample so you can get a sense generally of how a program works.  You can choose among a library of Braintronics programs to suit your particular need at the time. 




Braintronics programs are available with the Alphasonic.  More programs are being developed and will be available to current Alphasonic owners. We envision  a robust suite of Braintronics programs for a variety of mental health issues, as well as targeted programs for sports performance.


Interested in a custom Braintronics application for your company or organization?

We are currently pursuing co-development of programs with counseling centers, medical organizations, and major league sports teams for need-specific programs.  If you think Braintronics could work for your particular specialized needs, we’d love to talk with you about our custom development program!