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Elite Massage Chairs can be found in hospitals, universities, chiropractic clinics, military bases, and professional sports training facilities. Elite chairs have been rated Best Buy from the USA’s leading consumer advocacy magazine.  
Elite is proud to be a leader in the growing massage chair industry, bringing striking new innovations that change the way people think about and use massage chairs.
Elite recently made news announcing the first massage chairs in the world that synchronize your brainwaves while giving a full-body massage!

Elite recently made news announcing the first massage chairs in the world that synchronize your brainwaves while giving a full-body massage!

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Elite Massage Chairs featured on Colorado TechCast



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In this episode, Trapper Little interviews Elite Massage Chairs’ John Williamson.  John has achieved success by bringing technology solutions to businesses that are traditionally low-tech. His first startup utilized proprietary mapping technology to streamline the delivery of physical goods in a city.

After this, John moved into the Qualitative Research field and founded Qualvu and also created TruePanel, an online consumer recruiting, screening, management and fulfillment platform to power online research projects, as well as a proprietary platform for Research Intelligence called 24tru.

Once again John is bringing innovative technology solutions to business, this time in the traditionally low-tech area of massage. Elite Massage Chairs builds technology-enabled massage chairs, combining full-body massage with brainwave frequency synchronization, for powerful new concepts in mind/body healing. Elite Chairs are the preferred solutions among professional sports teams, chiropractors, and others seeking relief from chronic pain.

John shares his thoughts on branding, marketing, and some hard lessons that every entrepreneur must eventually face.



Superior Magnetics

John Williamson, CEO of Elite Massage Chairs was recently interviewed by Superior Magnetics, due to Elite’s utilization of magnets in their massage chairs for magnet therapy. Below is a full transcript of the interview.

Superior Magnetics: What convinced your product and research team to launch the Elite Robo Pad and add magnetic therapy as a feature given the “controversy” you alluded to in this article?

John Williamson: The driving principle behind the design of our massage chairs is therapy. I realize this term incorporates a lot of healing practices and disciplines, however in the context of massage chairs it means the relief of muscle tension, soreness, stress, and increased of blood flow. The Robo-Pad in essence is about relieving pain, and healing.

So when we designed the Robo-Pad it was the culmination of all our experience in massage, and as students of the practice, we embraced the potential for integrated magnetic therapy. To your point on controversy, not everyone embraces or fully understands the power of magnets to help align blood and energy flow, but for us we have long looked to the deep history of massage therapy and holistic medicine, particularly among Asian cultures, as inspiration for our technology and designs. And we believe in the power of magnets in our massage chairs.

The Robo-Pad breaks a lot of ground in the capabilities of massage chairs, including massage hands that “grasp” like human hands, the deepest 3D reach, Achilles tendon massage, and integrated magnets. For us it was a matter of providing the most comprehensive set of features available in a massage chair, and it’s a thrill for us when people notice. So thank you for wanting to talk to me about it!

Superior Magnetics: How does the magnetic therapy feature benefit the user? What types of health or medical conditions can benefit from this Elite Robo Pad feature?

John Williamson: The Robo-Pad has eight 300cc magnets that correlate to various points within the lower leg. Generally, the theories of magnetic therapy involve two areas of benefit – circulatory and electromagnetic forces, and we tend to focus on the blood flow benefits when discussing the magnets’ role in the Robo-Pad. Theoretically magnets can help improve blood flow in the underlying tissues, whether by affecting hemoglobin, other blood components, muscle tissue, bones and blood vessels. There are some who promote the ability of magnets to increase the area between blood cells, thereby increasing the absorption of oxygen. Of all the nutrients we need as humans I think it is safe to say oxygen is the most important given we can’t live without it.

The magnets in the Robo-Pad are intended to help promote oxygen richness in red blood cells. These blood cells can then circulate through the body and help initiate many natural healing processes. In essence oxygen-enriched cells can then circulate throughout the body to find tissues in need of oxygen. Adequate oxygenation – plus a healthy body pH – are important to overall vitality and can enhance brain function, stress reduction, increased energy, and an overall healthier body.

Superior Magnetics: What makes the Elite Robo-Pad different among similar models? What types of users would you recommend this Elite Massage chair to? What types of physical and medical conditions could your massage chairs help in?

John Williamson: When you take a close look at the Robo-Pad among the lineup of Elite Massage Chairs you’ll find the Robo-Pad is the chair with the most intensive focus on therapeutic massage. The Robo-Pad’s nickname is the “Total Therapy Machine” but you might also call it the “massage expert’s massage chair.” No other massage chair is designed with a deeper, more comprehensive massage motion, including massage hands that grasp like human hands which is unique.

The typical Robo-Pad buyer is one who regularly seeks massage treatments for pain relief – sometimes chronic pain – or owns or has owned a massage chair and wants to upgrade. The other purchasing triggers are often the Robo-Pad’s foot massage – which is much more comprehensive than other chairs – and that it appeals to those who appreciate and are seeking a really deep massage, not just a wimpy soft massage.

With all the design criteria focused exclusively on comprehensive therapeutic benefits, you can see why the addition of magnetic therapy was a natural fit and has been part of the Robo-Pad from the beginning, when you consider the significant success of magnetic therapy in the marketplace in general. There are no other massage chairs out there with integrated magnets that we know of, which frankly is surprising to me.

Superior Magnetics: Can you give 5 reasons why consumers should invest in massage chair? What buying tips can you give to those who are thinking of buying a massage chair? What features and value propositions should they look for?

John Williamson: I sure can!

First, today’s premium chairs will surprise you at how unbelievably life-like the massage quality is – the best chairs feel like there is a masseuse inside the chair giving a luxurious, therapeutic massage, and with today’s chairs you should demand this level of refinement. A great massage chair is a gift to yourself every day, on your own time, in the privacy of your own home.

Number two is the restorative effects of regular massage chair sessions. None of us are getting any younger, and massage helps counteract the degenerative attributes of the aging process. Massage keeps muscles and joints supple, boosts our natural immune system through increased blood flow for the removal of toxins, plus activates increased oxygen absorption throughout the body – in which magnetic therapy plays a key role. Regular massage is like regular maintenance on your car – it keeps the engine in working order and helps prevent breakdowns from all that mileage!

Number three is the compelling ROI of a massage chair, or return-on-investment. Regular massage can be an expensive proposition when you consider a typical 60-minute session costs $75 – $100. Taking even the low end of that range you see how quickly a massage chair can pay for itself, then many years of ROI after that. Let’s say the average price of a premium massage chair is $5,000. With just one session per week in your massage chair – which I might add is way less than typical – you’ll cost-justify the purchase in about a year and a half. Consider a massage chair lasts 10 years, it is a stunning return on your investment.

The number  four reason to invest in a massage chair is it helps alleviate pain. Statistically speaking this is the #1 reason people buy one. A massage chair that can deliver deep, therapeutic massage relieves muscle soreness and tension, crucial for anyone with chronic back pain, or tightness and constriction in the shoulders.

Pain can also prevalent for those who spend long hours in front of a computer, drive long distances, and wear high heels. Bad posture can cause sciatica and shooting pain in the lower back and legs, and painful tension in shoulders that are too hunched over. And pain ruins our sleep. Massage can help reduce pain and promote relaxation, so you can get that regenerative, restorative sleep that is so often disrupted when we are in pain.

Finally, I’ll say the #5 to buy a massage chair is perhaps my favorite, as it has been a big part of our latest innovation process: The mental benefits of massage. People tend to focus on the physical reasons they get a massage, but when those same people are subjected to in-depth qualitative research it is revealed that the mental benefits are just as important, if not more important. Invest in a massage chair because it will melt away your anxiety. It will help you relax and by doing so increase your overall mental alertness and acuity. A massage chair is a powerful tool in relieving stress, and I’m not sure there could be a more meaningful benefit when you consider the effects stress has on our overall well-being.

Superior Magnetics: Can you share with us some trivia about Elite Massage chairs and the team behind it? What would we be surprised to know about your products and the company?

John Williamson: Let’s see, for starters Elite has been in business designing massage chairs for 15 years, so we’ve seen it all. Some of our employees have been with us that whole time, and are among the most knowledgeable experts in the massage chair category. They’ll tell you they know more about many of our competitors’ chairs than they do because we’ve watched the evolution of every massage chair so closely over that time.

Our corporate office is nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver in a small town called Evergreen, which is a pretty unique setting for sure.

In terms of what might surprise people? As the CEO of Elite Massage Chairs my primary background is that of a technology entrepreneur, and I consider technology at the center of our products and how they evolve. Many people don’t see massage chairs in that light, but we are designing smartphone technology into our massage chairs today that will change people’s perspective on what massage chairs can do, and which I believe will push massage chairs to big time, mainstream growth in the US.

Superior Magnetics: What interesting feedback do you get from first time users or buyers? How do they find this innovative piece of product?

John Williamson: Feedback from our customers is without a doubt the #1 most pleasing aspect of being a part of Elite, and I must say hugely motivating. Our intent is to create massage chairs that blow people away, and more and more we hear that from people who try our chairs for the first time.

Particularly pleasing is when someone comes to Elite after having tried other massage chairs – whether a competitor or at the mall or airport. When that happens we consistently hear two things. One is that our chairs feel deeper and more life-like than anything massage chair they’ve ever experienced. When they sit in one of our chairs they immediately grasp the life-changing nature of being able to receive such a high quality full-body massage each and every day, and how much better they could feel as a result.

Even this interview is exciting for me – that you noticed that we had included the power of magnets in our massage chairs. We intend to keep pushing innovation in the massage chair industry, and certainly feedback from users and buyers is an important bellwether in whether we’re succeeding.

Superior Magnetics: Do you have upcoming products or promos that you would like to promote?

John Williamson: We just released our latest line of massage chairs, called the Casada line, and we’re really excited about how these chairs keep pushing the boundaries of what anyone has ever done before in massage chairs. These new chairs have a technology we call Braintronics. It is integrated brainwave frequency synchronization, through proprietary audio programs that are seamlessly integrated with custom massage sessions. All of these chairs are sold with headphones, and we’ve introduced our first four programs, called De-Stress, De-Compress, Improve Focus, and Muscle Therapy. Feedback so far has been phenomenal and the chairs are generating a lot of buzz. And of course, they integrate magnetic therapy!


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LA Times

By David Colker, LA Times Staff Writer

ELECTRONS, sit down, push button and hang on: You won’t get coddled by the new massage chairs, but you will get kneaded, tapped and pummeled.

The big, leather recliner on the showroom floor is not terribly attractive, but it looks snuggly. So you sit down, ease in and press a button.

Suddenly, rollers begin pulsing through the recliner’s back as if it were hiding Alien, the chair starts shaking like it hit airplane turbulence and the rollers head down to the very lowest regions of the lower back. Then further.
This is not your father’s La-Z-Boy.

Since standard recliners began to morph into sophisticated “massage chairs,” they have become more high-tech, more varied and, occasionally, more weird. Now, they are being made to emulate shiatsu, the Asian technique of digging deep into muscles to coax out knots and ease circulation.

They’re a far cry from the old Naugahyde vibrating recliners that used to lull one to sleep as they gently trembled.
The shiatsu chairs instead have buttons to “knead,” “pulse” and “tap” your back into giving up stress. If the old chairs were soothing hypnotists, these new ones are drill sergeants.

But once you give in to the notion that these chairs are not meant to coddle but to really go to work on your muscles, they can do a pretty amazing job. Which is of some comfort considering the price — about $1,500 to $3,500.
The Relax the Back chain of stores offers the Elite Massage Chairs Shiatsu Massage Recliner, a great chair that you might want to use in the home office or bedroom. It is also the most comfortable, however.

“The further you go back, the more intense the massage,” says salesman Mike Johnston, explaining that as the body gets more horizontal, gravity lets the rollers dig deeper. The recliner moves back in a manner disconcertingly akin to that of a dentist’s chair.
He pushes a button to start the programmed massage cycle that lasts 15 minutes. “You really don’t want to go a lot longer than that in a session,” Johnston says, and he’s not kidding. The Elite Massage Chairs goes right to work, with the rollers moving up and down with a strong motion that forces each part of the back, in turn, to arch upward.

Then the rollers start moving outward and inward in an almost pinching action that doesn’t really hurt but feels very good. I let out a little yelp.

“Welcome to ‘kneading,’ ” Johnston says. “Everyone has the same reaction the first time.”

The trick, I learn, is to relax and let the rollers go to it. This lasts for another minute and “tapping” begins, with little pounders inside the chair rapidly thumping up and down my back, shaking the whole chair. I hold onto the armrests, getting a bit white-knuckled.

“Man, it looks like you are going through an earthquake,” says a passerby who laughs, but waits in line to go next.

The rest of the massage is basically an alteration of “kneading” and “tapping” on different regions of my back, butt, neck and even head. The chair varies the intensity depending on the area it’s working on — the neck gets the gentlest treatment. The remote shows the specific areas the chair is working as it goes and it also counts down the minutes.

At the end of the massage, I felt nicely loosened up, and I had a bit more range of motion. But I also could feel that my back muscles, especially on either side of my spine, had gone through a real workout.

“You want to walk around a bit and rest before doing it again,” cautions Johnston. “If you overuse it, it can bruise you.”

On to Sharper Image, where salesman Avedis Donigian seems to be waiting for me like my long lost brother. “You have to come sit down, relax,” he says, gently guiding me to the Human Touch Robotic Massage Recliner that has an honored position in the middle of the upscale gadget store. “You are going to love this.”

I do not love the look of this recliner with the science fiction-like name. Sitting on round pedestal, the chair has big, wooden, bowed arms that I guess were supposed to make it seem homier. It was a nice try.

But the chair is reasonably comfortable, even if it feels a bit weird for the legs to snuggle into twin troughs built into the leg rest.
Donigian pushes a button and the chair’s preprogrammed cycle begins. The action is similar to that of the Elite Massage Chairs, but wimpier. And there is no effective neck action. The calf massager, however, gives the best leg massage of any of the chairs tested.
Again, the cycle lasts 15 minutes. The price of this recliner is $1,499.95 for the vinyl-covered model and $1,799.95 for the leather.
The Brookstone chain sells the Panasonic Shiatsu Massage Lounger for $3,195. This one is a tad better-looking than the others. As for its massage action, it’s better than Human Touch but not as good as the Elite Massage Chairs. It does seem to reach a wider area of the back than the other two, but its remote is not nearly as easy to use.

There’s one last stop to go in the chair test — La-Z-Boy. Yes, the famed recliner line still has its massage option. Salesman Adam Simcoe says it can be incorporated into chairs covered with a variety of cloth fabrics, for a starting price of $1,000, up to a rather anemic-looking leather for about $2,500.

The massage feature at La-Z-Boy has not moved much beyond the vibrating, although it now has a “swell” option that makes the vibrating continually rise and fall in a manner that the old Rocket to Mars ride at Disneyland. It was disappointing, not comfortingly retro as I had hoped.

It was time to check out the human competition.

At Amadeus Spa in Pasadena, Kirsten Fox is a shiatsu specialist. Unconstrained by mechanical limitations, she works my shoulders, arms, chest and even face — all areas missed by the chairs. She actively seeks out knots and pays special attention to parts of my back that seem especially stressed.

Of course, I had to leave home for the massage and listen to insipid New Age music — complete with the sounds of crashing waves and sea gulls. The cost was $120, with tip.

I was relaxed, but still capable of making a quick calculation: If I had a massage every week at the spa, starting now, I’d spend the equivalent of the Elite Massage Chairs price by Christmas.

By David Colker, LA Times Staff Writer


Professional Athletes Use Elite Massage Chairs

October 10, 2016

San Diego, CA

The San Diego Padres have placed an Elite Robo-Pad massage chair in their clubhouse at Petco Park, and the Robopad is proving to be (pardon the pun) a huge hit among the players. The Robo-Pad has always been the “massage chair expert’s massage chair” due to the fact that no other chair made provides a deeper, stronger, and life-like massage than the Robo-Pad. So it says a lot that among all available massage chairs on the market, that the Robo-Pad is THE choice for elite athletes who take massage very seriously, and who depend on muscle recovery, pain relief, and injury recovery to do their jobs.


The Elite Robopad is utilized by the athletes to accelerate recovery of muscle tissue after strenuous workouts and games, increase circulation, and alleviation of lactic acid buildup resulting from strenuous activity.clubhouse-petco-park

In addition to being the world’s best therapeutic option, the Robo-Pad massage chair is ideal for larger framed individuals; the Robo is engineered to accommodate body sizes from 5’ 3” all the way to 6’ 7”, and the chair is built around an industrial-strength steel frame capable of accommodating daily use from people weighing up to 300 lbs.

UC San Francisco Adds Massage Chair

Robopad located in Mission Hall Medical Center

August 31, 2016.  San Francisco, CA.   It was just announced that the Mission Hall Medical Center at the University of California San Francisco has placed an Elite Massage Chair for one of their break rooms, for the utilization of the medical center staff.  A massage chair at work is a great investment in the health and well-being of the employees of any organization.  Access to a therapeutic massage “on demand” at work and at any time during the day, the staff at University of California Medical Center in downtown San Francisco are using the Robopad massage chair to de-compress, relieve stress, and help revitalize from muscle fatigue due to extended shifts.

A massage chair can help to reduce the cost of missed days at work due to stress or illness, and helps employees stay focused and balanced.  A company with a massage chair is a happier place too – as a big boost to the morale.  The UC San Francisco Robopad is located at the facility which includes the Children’s Hospital, Women’s Hospital, and Baker Cancer Hospital.  If you are interested in adding a massage chair to your workplace, contact Elite Massage Chairs at 1-800-592-0548, ext. 2.


Elite Massage Chair in hospital break room

Elite Featured in Best Massage Chair Reviews

Robopad receives highest marks


By Laura Main of Best Massage Chair Reviews

When it comes to massage chairs, Elite has thirteen years of experience and knowledge under its belt. They put these into good use by producing some of the best massage chairs we’ve ever reviewed — that mimic movements of human hands.

It’s no wonder they have been winning awards since their inception. They believe in the adage “not an extravagance, simply well-being” and they certainly live up to it through their products. To describe even their most affordable chair as “luxurious” is an understatement. Take a seat in any of their chairs and instantly feel like you are sitting on your own personal cloud.

Elite massage chairs instantly change the minds of those who find them a little over the top by performing motions that are wider, smoother, and more soothing than any chair in the market today. To top it all off, their highly efficient customer service is based in the US.

If you’ve been looking to buy a massage chair but are hesitant to spend your hard-earned money, read this guide:  The Elite massage chair brand is worth your attention, and every penny.

The Elite Robopad

For those who don’t want any compromises when it comes to their comfort, there is the Elite Robo-Pad. Elite dubbed this as their “total therapy” chair and for a good reason. The Robo-Pad is a 3D chair. In non-technical terms, a 3D chair has a more powerful and flexible range of motions giving it the ability to perform deep tissue massages.

Elite definitely raised the bar when it created the Robo-Pad. This chair was specifically made for bigger and tougher users. The first thing you will notice upon turning on this chair is the deep kneading on your back. That’s because Robo-Pad has enough power to massage up to 5 inches into your body, making sure, ever muscle that feels a knot is relieved.

Like the other chairs in the Elite line, the Robo-Pad has the ability to scan your body for a fully customized massage. It offers 35 inches of back massage so even taller people are ensured of a thorough massage. It also has the same capacity as Optima when it comes to leg massages.

The Robo-Pad employs an industry-topping 69 airbags to make sure the chair is as quiet as possible when you turn it on.  These airbags are powered by not one, but two industrial strength air compressors (again an industry best).  For those who need a little music or sound healing however, it has Bluetooth speakers installed in the headrest for mobile gadget streaming. You can also control the chair via the free Android or iOs app in your favorite mobile device.

The Robo-Pad retails at around $4,000 USD and has models in black, brown, and cream. It has the company’s five year guarantee and has passed several safety standards in the US.