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We don’t tolerate lousy massage chairs.

At Elite, we believe if you are spending upwards of three to eight thousand bucks on a massage chair, you deserve a great one. It shows in the list of massage chairs we choose to sell. Simply, they represent the best out there.
We have been exclusively in the massage chair business for over 15 years. Our goal is to deliver massage chair shoppers two vital things:
  1. A single source for only the best massage chairs on the market. By doing this we aim to save you time by being able to immediately focus on a curated set of products painstakingly vetted by massage chair experts with over 15 years in the business.
  2. Peace of mind. No matter which massage chair you ultimately decide is right for you based on the features and characteristics, you’ll come away satisfied you bought a superior chair, with the support post-purchase you deserve.
At Elite you will find neutral head-to-head positioning of our massage chairs, knowledgeable tips to select the right massage chair, and insights about the massage chair industry.  Plus the guaranteed best prices available.   

 The Elite Massage Chairs Team

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