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Considering a massage chair?

Now is the time, and these are the chairs for you. The moment you sit in an Elite Massage Chair is a revelation.  Deeper, more therapeutic massage, with striking innovations not found in any other chairs on the market.  Alleviate pain, indulge in rejuvenating escape, and sleep better than you have in years.  

Supported by a company that has been designing massage chairs for 15 years, backed by the best warranty in the industry. Our chairs are better, and they will make YOU better


Massage Chairs: Myths and Misconceptions

Anyone shopping for massage chairs knows it can be confusing. So many brands, models, features, and most confusing of all – huge price differences.  The fact is, there is a lot of deception.  And because massage chairs are fascinating devices, and because most Americans have never owned one; it makes these deceptions easy to go undetected.
There are only a handful of massage chair factories in the world, and none in the USA.  While some may claim “made in the USA,” this means they may make a few electronic components here which they install in their chairs.  And those chairs costing upwards of $8,000 and even more?  They do not incorporate any features you can find in any number of massage chairs that cost half that.
We are obsessive about making massage chairs that are extraordinary.  When you buy an Elite massage chair you are buying a massage chair we would buy if we were in your shoes.  Only the best massage chairs at the best price, nothing less.
We demand deeper tissue massage and superior foot reflexology, and that feel more life-like than anything you’ll come across. We take innovation to levels others won’t or can’t – like our proprietary Braintronics massage programs that change the way people think about and use massage chairs.
We extensively test chairs – not just our own – so we can answer your questions. We constantly publish massage chair resources on our website to help you learn more about the category, how massage chairs work, and “insider” information to help you make the best possible decision.  Be sure to check out our blog, FAQ’s, and in-depth articles.  You can also compare massage chairs. We do things differently, and appreciate you visiting us.


“You may not be a professional athlete, but…”

“You may not be a professional athlete, but…”

As a 38-year old professional athlete and major league coach, I realized my body is not what it used to be and it needs a little extra TLC to compete at an elite level.

Given the need to compete at the highest level possible I set out to buy the highest quality massage chair possible. I did my research, contacted a lot of companies and based on the outstanding level of support and follow up I received from Elite, I purchased the Robo-Pad and man am I glad I did.

This is truly a premium massage chair and it has everything.  It was clear to me that Elite’s chairs were heads and shoulders above the competition.

You may not be a professional athlete, but if your body needs regular massage like mine does and you’re looking into a massage chair, I highly recommend Elite Massage Chairs.

Jason Lane
Santa Rosa, CA

Jason Lane

Warranties Matter, Big Time.

A warranty is a silent testament of the quality of your massage chair, and the company behind it. That’s why Elite Massage Chairs are backed by the best warranty in the industry, period.
Do your research, read massage chair reviews, and compare massage chair warranties.  Warranties matter, and you want your massage chair investment protected.

5 Year Warranty

We love Costco because when you shop there, you are buying only the highest quality products on the market.  We are proud to be selected for Costco massage chair special events, and proud to be the #1 massage chair in Costco events. 


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Longest Massage Chair Warranty Available

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Elite Massage Chair Reviews

“I am absolutely astounded at the quality, speed and satisfaction of the service call.  
You have a great product, and you stand behind it.”

– Vic

“This is BY FAR the best massage chair in which I’ve sat.
I was a little hesitant to buy a massage chair online without testing it first, but I am not regretting it.”

– Eliot G.


“Elite is THE massage chair company to go with.
There are real, caring, passionate people behind this brand!”

-Melissa H.